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I’m not sure if the word blind and video games (implying visual interaction) should be used in the same sentence. Its like talking braille. lul

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I just received a message by a very nice person who read my post informing me about the name of the project I meant.
It’s called Blindside: The Audio Adventure. There’s an interesting interview on the site. I think it will definitely not be for everyone, but I’m really glad they managed to get it funded.

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EPR89 > thanks for the link. I’m going to read about this project !

acedragon > thank you ! It already work with french speaking people. It should work with english people ^^ (as far as my translation in english is readable).

brandenzard > And cinema means “moving motion” … no implying sounds which is the case most often.

Like “cinema for blind people”, “work for disable people”, “race for legless people”, “water foot ball”, “walking on the moon”, or in the last century “work for women”, “wearing pants for women”, “no woman on a boat” … Things change with time …
We do say in France : “Cat is a cat, Dog is a dog. Say the right terme for the right things and everything will be easier”.
My game is a vidéo game … and it is also playable by blind people. It is an accessible video game.

Is “accessible video game” would sounds better than video game usable for blind people ?

I’m not sure that accessibility is something people can understand nowaday … Common people don’t even know/care that disable people are really “Able” to do something.


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Acedragon : Very well at the moment.

As translators people works on the translation part, we are working on adding new audio samples in the game.
Thanksfully, we had think about translating audio in differents tongues. We where close to forget about it ^^. It would have means some more hours of work to redo this part…
By the way, as we are working with disable people, we thought that we should include a support to deaf people. So, has we include a the few dozen of sounds, we also had a new option “deaf or hearing impaired” that, if you select this option, will write a text when sounds is been played. The translation is not yet done, but it will write something like that :
You are in Yotardrie town.
*NOISE : noise of a crowd in a little village *
What do you want to do :
- Visite Townhall
- Visite the Fisherman
- Go to your temple
- Try a “coup d’état”

Thanks for asking !

Somehow, you may like the idea. If so, don’t hesitate “to like” the facebook way ^^.

PS : Some drawing had been made during the last week. I’ll include them has quickly as i can.

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most of the people who have posted on here are just goddamn retarded and they hurt my head.
I’m blind and i use the internet just fine, and as most of you twats will see i have almost every single badge on kong. a blind person is probably beating almost all of you in the badge department, you should feel shamed.

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Considering that:

1. ‘blind’ does not always mean having complete lack of visual acuity, in the UK blindness is legally defined as ‘so blind that they cannot do any work for which eyesight is essential’. In practice, this translates into:

A best corrected visual acuity below 3/60 or 1/18 A best corrected visual acuity better than 3/60 but below 6/60 with a very restricted visual field

2. According to the NHS, about 2.5% of the UK population have some degree of visual impairment that is not correctable by refraction and about two-thirds of these are thought to have sufficiently severe problems to qualify for registration as blind. The vast majority are older people (over 65 years of age) but there are 80,000 people of working age and 25,000 children affected.

The UK alone would provide a potential market of 1million+, assuming similar percentages in the rest of the English speaking world, there could be a HUGE market for such a game.

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donseptico > many thanks for those studies. Most of blind people use to be granny … and most of them don’t even consider the potential of using a computer.

I’m using the French INSEE ( which give a lot of similar information for France.
In China, the blind population using internet is over 5 Millions … huge market as well ^^.

I hope English and chinese translation of my game will be done soon. It’s a very long work you know.

darkmikasonfire > I think the problem is missinformation … You might be as clever as Einstein, if you don’t even consider that disable people living in everybody’s word, you may ignore that they can play most of the usual game. I heard the word “Accessibility” by accident 7 years ago… Before this time, I was as those “goddamn retarded” that hurt your head. I wasn’t dumb but ignorant. I’ve been instructed by now.
By the way, your experience (as english AND blind player) interess me a lot … could you please “try” my game in the english version ? If yes go to > . A real mail is required, but if you’re afraid, you can delete it after your inscription (meaning you will never be able to get a new password if needed.) This game took place in med-fan world. There is some canadians who can both speak english and french.
My account is kéké_admin … you cannot avoid me if I’m connected … as most of player wait for my arrival to get new bonus, free téléportation and so on.


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vous n’avez pas les boutons en anglais sur votre page. par exemple, entrer dans le jeu (play) et inscription (register).

Ok, not going to push my french much further… but the navigation, introduction and buttons are still in a mixture of French and English… might want to change that round if it’s the English version ;)

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i’ve never heard of braille being used for video games for the blind (and why would you when you can use voice modulators?), however, Binaural recording allows shooters to be played by blind people with earphones (dig up your earphones and youtube ‘mario barber shop’ to learn about it).

also, while your on youtube, search for a game played between a blind kid and a professional Starcraft player named Slayers_BoxeR or something. i’m pretty sure the blind kid would beat me.

blind people aren’t deaf you know.

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Donseptico > Mille merci !
I allready changed the 3 little buttons (register, play and lose your pass), and figured out all the images i need to change (Présentation, Informations sur la partie, Bonus et aide ).
I’ll check all the others (out game and in game).
And i will translate them in german, chinese, spanish, italian …

OmegaDoom > soome tools may transform regular text into braille.
It look like this :

and it is very helpfull for blind people working in software decelopment ^^. I can tell.
Some blind people can read up to 4 time quicker than any able people.

Kéké who need to rest a little bit cause he have to wake up at 5 in the morning…

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Originally posted by GameBuilder15:

Wow! I just told my friends for a joke that Wii Nerf is a game suitable for the blind. I went to my friend’s house a while ago and played it with his little brother. Then his littler brother shut off the TV. We randomly fired. When the TV finally came on again we were farther in the level. The game is terrible, just terrible, as you might have guessed.

Maybe it should be like a metal detector that beeps or vibrates as you get closer to the targets! That should be fun for blind people, maybe.

EDIT: Why is this in the serious discussion section?

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Originally posted by magdales:

>> Wait, a video game for blind people, how would that work exactly?

>> i also fail to see how this could work out…

Do you know that blind people can read proper Text using braille letters ? The idea is to transform any internet text in braille using those kind of tools.

Internet is been using by blind people for ages…

If the MMORPG is then translated in text, then blind people can play. At the moment, my game has 25 000 subscribing people, and 7 000 are declared blind.

So it seem that you don’t know any game like mine (Sad !).
But do you think it might be a good idea to translate it in english ?

I tried to translate using Google translator :

but i think that the translation isn’t good enough. Does this mean anything to you ?
Btw, if you think my project worth it … do not hesitate to facebook ‘like’ it.

PS : ToGameBuilder15 > some company expect their game to be suitable for blind people. We call it “Accessibilité” in french (might be accessibility in english). This is going to be in the french law in some years. It does allready exist for all Governemental web-site and building.

Translated in text for blind people? What shit have you been smoking and where can I get some?

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blind ≠ analphabetic, you know?

…sometimes i just really don’t understand people.

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OmegaDoom > We also have our dumb/idiot in France too. Ignoring others people troubles make them fell better.

That_Fman_Limey > No herbs or medical plants had been using writting the message. Sorry. It’s impossible for me to deal anything. I’m used to repeat sentences or words, or sometime to spell the word H-A-N-D-I-C-A-P to those who had never been concern … yet.
So :
Blind people Can use internet using 2 common ways : Voice OR Braille text.
- Voice is something you can understand
- braille is a bit harder to imagine, if you had never look at a “refreshable Braille display” : Some pics on this web site :
This crasy keyboard-like tools is some how a screen. You can read in braille all what is display on your screen.
Braille is not a language, but a way to represent usual ASCII text.
‘A’ stand for a single dot
‘B’ stand for 2 dot like a column
‘C’ stand for 2 dot in line …
All other text are discribe here.

My game is in French (my native language). I need to translate this game in english so as You (english readers) can have go.
I don’t need to “translate in braille” because this mean nothing …
If you got a text in french and a “refreshable Braille display” … you’ll read it in french
If you got a text in spanish and a “refreshable Braille display” … you’ll reat it in spanish.
Braille just transcode readable caracters into touchable caracters.

Do you understand That_Damn_Limey, WwarMmachine, GameBuilder15 ?
If so … feel free to show how clever you are, and tell all you friend that you have learn something today, on a ludic web site call Kongragate ^^.

At the moment, no news on my side about translation French>English progression … But the game keep going ^. Translation involve only one dev … we are upgrading the game every days… Yesterday, a new donjon had appeared with traps, devil monsters, some chests, and a lot of xp ^.


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Just to say that our data base translation in english had reach 2%. We keep hopes to translate 50% of the database for the 1st of may.

BTW, we will present our game on a 3 days show called : handicap 2012.
It is organized by a huge french institution call CNAM. (National Center of Art and Work)

All the games/technology that will be presented on this 3days of meeting are made for accessibility.

Do you know if, in USA/England/Canada/Australia there is some meeting for video-game & handicap ?


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CNAM. (National Center of Art and Work)

yo mean NCAW

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Velricreize, Je vous presente la Conservatoire National des Artes et Metiers:

In the US, there is an organization ‘The AbleGamers Foundation’: who may be able to direct you.

I didn’t find anything specific for the UK.

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donseptico, Je plaisantais, bordel de merde.

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<— sense of humour failure

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Well, maybe there is some sort of game that you can use your mind to control the player, and possibly even enhaance the sound quality, just for the better.

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kéké has lost is sense of humour too ^. I thought you were serious ! I’ve been trapped ^.

Thanks Don Septico for the “AbleGamers foundation”. I didn’t eared about it before today ^^. (I hit the “i like it” on facebook)
I will read their web site today or tomorrow.

Have a nice day !

PS : douchenorris > I never eared about mind controling execept in Science Fiction … Is it some kind of humour ? have you got any web site who deal about it for real ?

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The kind of game maybe: Find the star
your character is in the dark all you can hear is sounds, in order to get out you have to find the star (it sounds like ping). Press left/right to rotate, press up/down to move closer or move further away. Press space to grab.
So players will rotate and hear various of sounds played together, if in between those noices you kinda hear ping you suppose to press forward to move further. While moving you keep on grabbing your surroundings and find clues about the terrain, something like wet feeling indicate there’s a pool of water upfront so you have to move around. The closer you get to the star the less noise distracted the ping, but the star could move around as well, somehow it could be around dangerous animals, so you have to wait till it clears until you grab it. You can hear the noise of electricity as well bzzztz, so if you hear bzzztz and ping then you should wait till the star is away from the loose wire in order to grab it.

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sleepallnight > it sounds great !

Actually, at the moment I’m hadding sounds when you’re walking. If you walk on grass, it goes “cra cra cra”, if you walk on stone “bum bum bum”, if you walk on water it goes “plouf”, if you go on sans it does a sand like sounds ^^.

In Magdales, i made two kinds of sounds : those which need translations, and those which doesn’t. If needed, voice can then be translated in any language.