New Game; Gay Island. Offensive much? (locked)

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The description for the game on Kongregate, Gay Island:

“You’ve been Kinaped by a gay!Oh no!What does he do?Try to turn you gay!How?By Traping you…”

Seriously? This is offensive and needs to be taken down. It’s prejudice and wrong.

I mean look at the description. The hillbilly who made this joke of a game can’t even spell or punctuate right! God, he can’t even use spacing correctly.

I am not a gay person, but I would like to be the first to speak out against this horrible slander on such a fantastic website.

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Had a look, and it seems to be an obvious joke.

The account that uploaded it seems to be a… er, well it doesn’t seem serious, so I wouldn’t bother being offended by it.