Cyberbullying (locked)

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Lets stop it, to prevent murders like trayvon martin and john martin getting shot.

IIT: How to get red of cyberbullying.

IIT2: Why Trayvon Martin is a case we can learn much about cyberbullying from.

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I don’t think Trayvon Martin and John Martin were shot because of cyberbullying…

And shut down the internet if you don’t want any cyberbullying. There’s always going to be someone insulting another.

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Yes they did acutally, becuase they were shot by sum one who had been bullying them online for being black.

People are always mean but cant we at least ry to help?

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Just like they were shot by someone who drank water daily. The problem lies in the existence of racism, which was the one that caused the cyberbullying and the homicide.