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it would have to all be pre-programmed, rather than remote-controlled. autonomous robots. if they live in Sirius, first they send an observation drone, 17 years later they send a drone that, based on that information, is programmed to harvest some organs from some cows and send them back for testing. 35 years is not that long.

i mean, it requires highly advanced technology, but that was the premise. in fact, given highly advanced programming, they may send “robots” or such advanced computerised motherships… it may in fact be possible that they no longer have a clear distinction between organism and technology…

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Originally posted by tenco1:
Originally posted by Immortal7777:

The history channel does give some nice evidence for it.

Don’t you mean “speculation?”

I am pretty sure that aliens are real but are hidden from us because people would freak out and start a riot if they knew.

So you’re taking the paranoia route, then? It’s not uncommon, at least.

People claim to see it and then get the evidence confiscated or something.

care to give specifics?

The size of the universe now makes it very likely aliens exist.

No-one’s really disputing that, but that very same size makes it just as unlikely that they’re routinely visiting us.

Yes speculation sorry. The discovery channel tends to bring up stories about this. I can’t really prove it but I can only tell you what the channel said and hope they were somewhat accurate.

This guy for example was mentioned on the show.


I just look at areas like area 51 where they show engineers who worked in it.

Again I can not give you evidence.

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Originally posted by OmegaDoom:

it may in fact be possible that they no longer have a clear distinction between organism and technology…

So, our own civilisation in a quarter century or so, then. Not very advanced these aliens.

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lol. i think that’s a little optimistic (or pessimistic, perhaps), especially assuming what i meant by “no clear distinction between organism and technology”, since i meant it more psychologically, or profusely anyway.
but it only supports my case.

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25 years isn’t too optimistic, seems about right given the current position and pace of research into that area. To create soft robotics, with AGIs embodied within that think entirely for themselves.

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we shall see. typically, such predictions are always optimistic. i mean we should have flying cars by now, and moonbases, if not marsbases, lots of stuff. back to the future 2 is set in 2014… theoretically you’re probably right, but practice is always a little more sluggish, while unexpected developments rush passed it.

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We already have flying cars, you can buy them.

Augmented reality displays, like that shark in the film, do actually exist. Rare, but we do have them. We also have adverts capable of recognising where a person is, and responding to them.

I’m using some subject knowledge to base my predictions on, Omega. Knowledge of the capabilities of current soft robotics, and AGIs that we already have, plus the rate of growth. A quarter century sounds about right, going by previous growth rates.

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that’s really cool. we got there, more-or-less. roadable aircraft is not exactly a flying car yet, can’t fly me accross elevated fly-ways from garage to garage, it’s still in infancy. but that was really cool.

and there’re no hoverboards yet, i’m sure. i mean, i think those “augmented reality displays” already existed when BttF was made. i remember seeing them as a kid in theme parks, most notably Disney World Paris (hey, i was a kid, what did i know Disney is just a pityful attempt at inventing American fairy-tales to entertain kids with for lack of folk-lore Americans feel a connection with, and a whole bunch of shady business). but i meant more the overal… of course, it’s just a movie.

but anyway, we shall see. i shall remain skeptic as always. but those flying cars finally coming, that’s…well mostly freaky, but that’s cool.