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LOL, Ponkiny….I wasn’t saying that YOU are a sociopath. I just wanted to point out that someone who has no regard for the property of others to the point of remorsefully “thieving” it is but one of the descriptions that falls somewhere (degree) w/in the realm of sociopathic behavior.

Sorry if I took it the wrong way, then.

That ya are cognizant that “sneaking it away” were any serious “threat” to the success of your “foul deed” shows that ya know doing it was “wrong” in some form. THAT begs the question of why ya would do it.

More because holding it aloft, yelling “I am an evil mastermind, muhahahaha!” would probably get me arrested. I would get worse than nothing that way.

I’m not sure being a sadist is representative of such behavior,,,but yet one definition INDICATES it would:
1.hurting others for sexual pleasure: the gaining of sexual gratification by causing physical or mental pain to other people, or the acts that produce such gratification
2.being cruel for fun: the gaining of pleasure from causing physical or mental pain to people or animals
3.cruelty: great physical or mental cruelty”

As ya can see, sadistic behavior is very similar to that of the sociopath. BUT, ya haven’t made clear if your taking of the money is because ya need it (ya hinted at this) or that ya did it to “hurt” the owner….or, maybe both.

The fact that ya care that the thief should be behind bars so as to not hurt others makes me think ya really aren’t any more “sadistic” than most of us that would greatly luv to cause some level “harm” to a good number of ppl. LOL

Not really… it’s not as if it’s intergral to the personality, like sociopathy. It’s a pleasure, not a need. Betting on that you aren’t asexual, you hardly need to constantly attempt procreation, do you? (And just to clarify, you get nonsexual sadists too, or ones that are interested in only one particular pain. Such as me, the pleasure is not sexual, and I neithier enjoy or dislike hurting people’s emotions. So I would not take the money to hurt the owner, since I don’t really care about the guy’s emotions. And there is no pleasure in causing someone to suffer where it cannot be seen, anyway. I like to see people bleed, I don’t want to know that there’s someone in the next room over bleeding.) And yes, there are a lot of sadists who aren’t going too insane over it. Otherwise sex shops would probably be out of business for one, BDSM is popular for a reason, and there are a lot of sadists in this world who aren’t ravaging everyone in sight. And I am somewhat over fourteen, and please, I don’t need the ageist nonsense. The personality is more important than the age, whatever eithier of them are.

And, um, when did I say that? I don’t care about that. I know quite a few people at my school are theives, but as long as they don’t steal from me, I don’t care. When I thanked VikaTae, it was because she gave me an alternative reason other people might have, not because it is a personal concern of my own.

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Originally posted by Ponkiny:
BDSM is popular for a reason, and there are a lot of sadists in this world who aren’t ravaging everyone in sight.

That’s true, although those in BDSM communities have to watch for the sadists, to protect the subs. TPE is even worse, because a newcomer with a sadistic streak can quite easily lead to lifelong suffering and/or death for someone unprepared they take under their wing.

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Use the money to ship and insure the object back to the owner, include receipt. That’s a lot of money. Probably petty cash of some sort.

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take the money and burn the wallet to rid of evidence.

if there were cameras around(or eyewitnesses) – id leave the wallet on ground.