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LOL, this thread is one step from endorsing eugenics.

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Originally posted by Ungeziefer:

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You mentioned same sex gene splicing (not sure if that is the correct term, so correct me if not.) to create offspring. How feasible is this really? Has this been done before? How much does it cost?

It has been done in lower-order mammals, so we know it works. Two female mice were used to create viable offspring. These were then monitored through two generations breeding in male-female partnerships with other mice, to make sure no undesirable mutations developed further down the line. None did.

The experiment has moved on to pigs, who have a longer maturation cycle. So it will be some time before the next step is taken and it is used with humans. But yes, it works, and the process has undergone considerable refinement in the intervening years. They no-longer lose half the litter.

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Thank you for the response. It certainly seems it has a long way to go to be an accessible, affordable public commodity. That first study in your link had less then a 0.5% survival rate, which is pretty brutal. I was also surprised to see how much mucking about on a genetic level was required, I had no idea mammalian DNA was gender marked for imprinting.
All in all very interesting, with very interesting social possibilities. Once again thanks for the follow up.

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Well Tolerance can work both ways. Good or bad.

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Yes.. being able to tolerate something I believe is the hardest thing to do