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Originally posted by vikaTae:
Originally posted by OmegaDoom:

i don’t think so. i’m quite convinced racism will disappear as a seperate phenominon from any grouping, like hair-color. may take a century, maybe two, but it won’t last very long.

how do i know this? because children are completely devoid of any racism whatsoever. it’s purely cultural. it shouldn’t take more than a few generations for these differences to disappear.

Children are completely devoid of racism because their brains are immature, and still developing. They are still bootstrapping their way towards adulthood if you will. Over time, additional structures form, and their reasoning alters.

It’s not racism exactly, what develops. It is more of an ‘us’ and ‘them’ system. If you are exposed to people of different skin colors and bodytypes as a kid, you don’t see them as ‘them’. You don’t see them as the great big unknown to be scared of. It turns into racism when you were not exposed to these people growing up, or your parents always exposed you to a negative view of the other races. That’s what places the race in the ‘them’ category as something to be afraid of.

i’ll bet you’re right. but that doesn’t exactly disagree with what i said. still no inherent reason for racism beyond average arbitrary discrimination; still cultural.

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Racism isn’t new, look at this 1939 book cover.

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This idea of ‘new racism’…where ever it came from…is just silly. It’s just stereotyping from what I can tell, nothing to do with race really.