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Well, the closest target for me would probably be the Twin Cities, so I probably wouldn’t be hit with the immediate blast. Since I’m a CBRN specialist in the Army Reserve, I might have to do my job (though I haven’t been to AIT yet, so I wouldn’t know what the hell I’m doing).

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run towards it to increase my chances of dying.

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Well, I don’t know what you mean by a nuke (ICBM, MRBM, SRBM, etc) but if it were a ballistic missile, the nuclear bombs would be dispersed in a flower pattern, each warhead wiping miles each. So there really wouldn’t be much to do nothing to increase my chances.

The same would apply for if a nuclear bomb was being transported by vehicle, or some other method. Nothing to do but be taken away in sweet bliss if I were close enough. If not – I’d probably have some severe burns, skin draping off of me, etc.

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Originally posted by 1132:

The thought that nuclear weapons could carpet the Earth in destruction is somewhat of a myth.


i think it was tesla that said that he could “split” the earth by placing bombs in the right places. scary if its true.