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Rough Draft:

Hello, reason of me, is well, tough to explain. It like a story, of weirdness, and thus, let get started. I am 14, a average school person, I have hard time keeping up in school, but I do good in the end of the day. I always, will be, ethical, even if things are down, then I pace myself to try my hardest. Although, that doesn’t help sometimes, because stuff is to tough, but then, at end of the day, I know I tried my hardest. But then, still a fail….. Well, some things I like is Backyard Monsters. A game here on kongregate, I even have a alliance. Now then, after you seen that, want a bag?

Well, now what you want the topic to be? Me, my things, my game things, my alliance? I have all day, want me to prove it? Well, tough to do that on a game. I like pie, who doesn’t? Other than pie haters…… >.> well, that was weird, but it the truth? Is it not? Well, I am tired right now… Been dealing with cousins all day long….. Holy **** they were annoying……. Now what the conversation? Why I offer bags? Well, that was for fun? Problem?

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