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Recently this news story came to my attention. I thought you guys might enjoy having a crack at it.

I would post excerpts but I’m unable to select any I’d be comfortable with.

I really can’t feel sorry for her if it’s true that she stood up to pee in the women’s room, and not only that,but didn’t close the stall. Part of presenting as your true gender is using the bathroom the same way as said gender. Now I can understand FTM’s not being able to stand up to pee in the urinal, but there is absolutely no reason why an MTF can not sit down. There are sitting toilets in men’s rooms for a reason, but no urinals in women’s rooms for a reason. I don’t pee standing up even at home normally, but i don’t care if you’re a transwoman and you want to pee standing up at home, but in public there’s a standard.

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I don’t see why you should deny someone who’s gender is female access to the women’s restroom. If this quote was in fact true:

“It’s the fact that she’s still a boy and she wants to go in the woman’s restroom and use the woman’s room with the stall opened, with her skirt hiked up and standing up, like a guy would, and that makes it kind of an issue”

it would be a general behaviour problem. I mean, who the hell leaves the stall open? If she does that and other customers complain then the owner can tell her to close the stall.
Of course he can in any case tell her to use the men’s restroom, since there is no legislation and so it is up to the owner, but I don’t see any reason to do so.
To me gender would most likely be the deciding factor.

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Not closing the stall door should pretty much close the deal here. We don’t care what kind of weird tricks you can do, as long as you don’t damage anything (and don’t make anything dirtier than it already was), you’re allowed to pee in the bathroom with the door closed.

I also find it pretty ironic he/she called them out on discrimination and then immediately went sexist on men by saying he/she’s not comfortable in the men’s room.

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Wow, this one is “all over the place” (as often pissing can be…lol) and should produce some veeerrrrry “interesting” responses.

First: Darkruler, I don’t know if she was being “sexist” on the men because of not being comfortable in the men’s room. Could be, but other concepts come to my mind. Being in a men’s restroom dressed in a manner that obviously would appear to be “Gay” or some other “weird aberration” could be physically very dangerous because of many men’s extreme bias in that area.

That she was concerned about being “hit on” (the good kind…as in being seen as an attractive woman) is somehow weirdly ironic. lol

AND, your (Dark) “closing-the-door” position is the obvious deciding factor in her point being easily dismissed, does point out something that could well be viewed as being very “needy” of something that pretty much greatly moves the needle on the “weirdo-meter”. Hell, even the urinals in many restrooms have “shields” separating them. AND, many (bashful?) guys use the water closet stalls……I just wish they would raise the lid. lol (<<< explained in more detail below)

I guess at this point I can (safely?) offer that could this “case” get any weirder if she were to claim it is her right to leave the door open as being some kind of “freedom of speach”….for a host of reason.

I personally don’t give much of a shit who is in a bathroom w/ me. At concerts where beer is served, during intermission, the lines at the women’s restrooms can get rather long. So, we men line up to use the urinals and the women line up to use our commodes. AND, there is no real objections lodged against our “co-ed” usage.

Also, I women who can very easily piss while standing. I have yet to see one that can writer HER FULL NAME in the snow, though….lol.

NOW, to agree w/ The InernetRules. I, too, piss sitting down. All it took was for me to piss in a commode while standing w/ bare legs and feeling the amount of “splash-back” to give me the idea that perhaps sitting might cut down on cleaning the porcalin and keeping my legs//pants much cleaner, too.

OH, I almost forgot. What do ya guys feel about pissing in a urinal w/ an obviousl Gay guy doing likewise right next to ya? Do ya think “THEY” should use a stall? Should ya feel “complimented” if they say: Ya got nice “junk” there?

OH, one more. If I am at a “single-usage restroom” establishment (entry door lockable) and I have to “go” really bad and the men’s door is locked (and for how long I don’t know…I hate to shout through the door: how much fucking longer are ya gonna be..lol). I have NO problem checking to see if the women’s is locked, if not…opening it and shouting: anyone in here. Then using it (even if just to wash my hands before dining) and not be one bit embarrased if I’m seen coming out of it.