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You are a Logistics Officer for Hell. Your job is to design a system to process the constant influx of souls from Earth.

Your system must include:
-How souls are collected. Grim Reapers are used to collect souls, but you must have a system for them to know where to go and whose souls to collect.

-Where souls are kept.

-Where souls are tortured.

-An efficient system to transport souls from Earth to residence to torture chamber.

-Clarifications for special circumstances(etc. what if a human’s heart stops but he is revived by a defillibrator? Does a Grim Reaper still take his soul? Where does the soul go if the human’s body is destroyed completely, incinerated or something?)

-An average soul’s journey from the moment of death to his residence to his torture chamber, complete with introductions and explanations of the system by demon guides and so on.

Assume that you have unlimited space to work with, so residences, torture chambers and so on can be as big and spread out as you like.

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Wouldn’t this thread be better off here?

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Totally what I was thinking.

And I know I can out-squick the FG regs. >:3

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Grim Reapers are given a commission for each soul they acquire, and are issued the equipment that’s similar to what they used in Ghost Busters, to ensure they gather as many souls as possible, but they are unable to reap the souls of those who still have some life left in them.

Souls are kept in the little tubes that come with the afore mentioned GB kits until judgement day. Where upon those that are sent to be processed through purgatory and heaven are out of my jurisdiction, however I keep all who are sentenced to hell in isolated 1 meter by 1 meter rooms that serve as their quarters.

When it comes time to torture them, I bring them out to a room that is dedicated to whatever kinky stuff is used to torment them. I let the torturers do their thing and I’ll do mine.

…I’ll answer the rest eventually, I guess.

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This isn’t a game. It’s a serious discussion of how Hell would operate, if it exists. And it’s a continuous, which is banned in FGF. And before you bring up OT, I won’t get any answer apart from trolls/jokes there.