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Personal attacks being fine by Kongregate,and personal attacks being unmoderated ate basically the same thing. They have it in their power to do something about it, but they decide not to. They are aware it is going on because their trusted volunteers engage in it, and they do moderate posts to either side of personal attacks.

The obvious implications are that personal attacks are perfectly fine and welcome by Kong, within the SD forum.

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Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
Originally posted by jhco50:

Is that a fact Karma. Did I say I hated Obama or did you just pull that out of your ars? You can make a post without insulting someone, can you?

OOoooohhh…how short your memory is.
YOU are constantly saying how much ya “hate” Obama.
Ya use the very word “hate” and a whole lot of others that are extreeeemly similar.
So, I guess ya could say that I did “pull that one” our of an ass.

Can YOU make a post that isn’t so easily “insulted”?

You are right that the congress is supposed to have 1/3 of the power in Washington, checks and balances.

Hooooray….I’m glad we have that out of the way.

The problem is Obama is not going through congress, he is legislating with executive orders and bureaucracies.

Extreme circumstances require extreme actions. Something one would think a PRO-GUN enthusiast would understand.

What you don’t understand is the fact he has woken the American people with his healthcare and four years of the slowest growth in GDP since the great depression.

Nah….most of America is “dead” asleep and the only thing to be awakened is their propensity for ignorance…..as YOU so aptly demonstrate here.

We have had nine recessions since the depression and all of them grew at about 5%. At this point in time we are growing at less than 1.3%.

Yeah….I forgot about that. ALL recessions are the same. DUH.

I know you think Obama is the greatest thing since Ice Tea, but there are a lot of angry voters out there. You will be hearing them in November.

YOU don’t know shit….if ya believe ya know what//how I feel about Obama. AND YES, we likely will be hearing from a lot of angry voters…..voters angry because they’re responding to lies put out by the GOP and carried along blindly by ppl like YOU. Yeaaaaaa for the boogeyman.

I love to see you in scared mode. You know as well as I do, the American people are going to pop your socialist bubble old fella. You are so upset about this you have to make things up in order to get a good rant out. It’s a pity as you used to be pretty good at it and now, well it’s sad to see a socialist fall.

Extreme circumstances means you can usurp the constitution, eh. Checks and balances don’t count when you are destroying a country I guess. Yet you think most of America is asleep? Oh are you going to be surprised in November. All of those “ignorant sheep” you keep referencing are going to pull the rug out from under you far, far leftists. Keep jacking your jaw and come the election I will let you cry without responding for a few days.

All recessions, LOL! Hyperbole much? Of course not all recessions are the same and it takes someone with enough intelligence to get it turned around. Obama lacks the intelligence to accomplish this, and I’m positive you wouldn’t be able to accomplish it. Because of this, we are going to have to rely on someone that has the experience and intelligence to accomplish what needs to be done…constitutionally.

Wow! Why is it people are so stupid when they don’t agree with your ideals and yet if they do agree they are intelligent and informed. You really need to get a clue.

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Originally posted by stormtrooper261:

I was just saying that swearing and CAPITALIZED letters ALL OVER and EXCLAMATION marks usually means someones ANGRY! (example)

Just so ya know….ALL caps typically INDCATES “shouting”. Since NOT all shouting is of an angry nature, I see MY “shouting” to be a way of indicating ADDED STRESS to those words,,,,just as I would do to the inflection of my speaking them. I doubt that YOU talk in a MONOtone.

AND, I double-dare ya to go and find even ONE exclamation mark I’ve typed. LOL
In YOUR search, ya might see that other posters do also use caps and BOLD & italics to make clearer their intent for words//phrases//etc.

A huge point here is: Are ya more concerned w/ HOW the message is delivered than WHAT the message is? If the answer is YES, what I write very likely IS NOT FOR YOU.

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The Democratic Party keeps control of the Senate, by winning in Missouri, Indiana and even Montana. Two independents win also: of course, Joe Lieberman; as well as Angus King in Maine.

Meanwhile, the Republicans still control the House of Representatives.