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Originally posted by Rolby:

turkey finally got a law which will make it able for them to invade syria and replace the evil shia government with a peaceful and stabile government. but it can only work if the europeans and americans help turkey too. shall we help them to liberate the syrian population?

The main thing we don’t want to suffer is the appearance of NATO unity and solidarity in rejecting war within its boundaries. This is main, because Turkey is doing as it pleases in defense at the moment. Turkey, for its part, seems to believe that this is the death knell of Assad’s regime, which is a whole other problem which we will need to deal with if the collapse occurs.

While Russia and China are against direct attack at the UN, they are unlikely to intervene in any way because NATO has been attacked. I would love to see a cruise missile in a hard to reach sensitive area of Syria from an ally, but that isn’t my choice to make… Iran is the only defensive ally with Syria bound by treaty. However, this attack, which wasn’t isolated, and actually continued for about a week at least, last article I read… “answered with double force” the guy said… seems to indicate that Assad is insane or made a very grave miscalculation. Iran at the same time said it was having financial problems. True, but also a very convenient excuse to opt out from actually entering into some kind of war.