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okay so just recently i discovered this conspiracy thing called Illuminati apparently they are like the richest people in the world all in one cult that the majority of them are saintist apparently they run the world around us and are trying to achieve a “new world order” and then there is some debating about what that means. i was wondering what you guys think about this do you think its for real or bull crap?and could you please show some proof or state facts showing that it is or isn’t real if possible.
this might help

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What’s ironic is that the reality of the situation, however mundane, is far worse. There doesn’t need to be a conspiracy for rich, powerful people to work in mutually beneficial ways to remain that way. While I do think there are secrets and pacts that are generally not public knowledge, I think the publicly available documents regarding everything from the Bohemian Grove to who’s money owns who should disturb people far more than the supposed secrets posited. Whether or not the president or Romney are alien lizards, or they’re all working together to maintain a new world order under their control, it doesn’t much matter. Their actual actions and clearly defined goals should be enough for people to be riled up without the superstition.

Basically, if you need to call the control of communication and media bandwidth, private ownership of national resources with their fat fingers wrapped around South American and North African nations’ throats, the only recently broken US monarchy and maintained elite political candidates, secret prisons, and cartoon politics among other atrocities “the illuminati,” go for it. Just be outraged for the right reasons, not because it’s mysterious and secretive. They’re just self important people that other people with the same superstitious respect afford far too much authority. I sincerely believe people are not cut from special cloths but are instead made, and these conspiracy theories provide government with certain expectations and pretenses that they shouldn’t have. Each one of those individuals was a baby once that pooped themselves and eventually made mistakes like every kid, and is still struggling with life like anyone else. They’re not masterminds or brilliant characters on TV shows.

The people that control this world are slimy, scaled, cold-blooded reptiles in far more of a meaningful respect than the need for them to actually have scales underneath their nervous lying brows. They will abuse and manipulate anyone who believes in their power and authority, and they don’t need ancestors or a club card to be so self interested and vile. All a person needs to be evil is undeserved power and respect.

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I checked your link….

YouTube intellectuals agree

Haha, made me laugh, that should give you a clue as to how real and trustworthy these theories are.

Conspiracy theories are like religious faith, they attach stories to events and horrible stuff that happens in our society, but they are completely based on complex theories backed up by shreds of seemingly unrelated evidence.

As Theodore Adorno put it: Any thinker, no matter what their intentions are when going into the matter, will end up reaching inevitable reactionary consequences whenever institutionalized social relationships appear as the work of hidden conspiracies.

Just go study about anarchism or socialism/anti-capitalism, and you will not need your conspiracy theories anymore because you’ll understand the social relationships that make these things happen.

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Applause for BSG. Have nothing further to add, but felt that deserved a tip of the hat.

Problems are problems regardless of any trappings. There is a grandeur to applying secret societies, cabals, the like to power. It adds to them that romantic element of super villainy, of essentially, drama and history. That said, I believe that draw, is on both sides of the fence. For the same reasons that we like to append capes and secret chants to power positions, I believe they too seek after them. Wealth is only half the fun without class, mystification has been and shall always be part of any power struggle.