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Originally posted by OmegaDoom:
Whilst I am a mind-reader, I need my equipment present and hooked up on your end, in order to do that. Without that aid, I’m as blind as everyone else to what is being thought.

anyone else. anyone, and i would have called bullshit.

That’s because of how I phrase my arguments. All the equipment involved in said mind-reading I’ve explained the function of, and even linked to where you can buy several different types of it, and explained how you can fit it together.

Its because you can follow the arguments through, and have seen the equipment exists, (as do the end results, and the published studies you yawn about) that you can’t call bullshit. Well, you could, but you know I’ll steamroller your argument if you do so. :)

Unfortunately, it also works the other way. Just as you come to trust that I know what I’m talking about in this field of expertise, precisely because I have demonstrated an uncountable number of times that I do, so someone who posts bullshit arguments that are easily defeated time, and time, and time again, becomes associated with bullshit.

So, when we see a post by a known producer of bullshit, we become convinced the argument is bullshit before we even read it.