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I know this is a bit silly, but I need some help with a bit of math. I know that SD will, well, be serious. How do you find the inverse (as in 5 to -1/5) of a decimal number, such as 3.3?

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Ok, thanks. I get it now.

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Originally posted by dd790:

It’s ‘maths’ not ‘math’.

Just thought that may help

I think the americans call it math but us brits call it maths

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I’ll skip all the technicalities (including jargon) and use concrete exemplification in concordance with basic terminology

Say you have (1/5)

To find the inverse, flip the roles of the denominator and numerator – substitute one for the other: i.e. (5/1 => 5)

Now, apply the opposite sign.

For 5, from a positive, you would have a negative. likewise, from a negative, you would apply a positive.

(8/7) would be (- 7/8) etc.

In extension, if you have decimals, multiply the decimal components (i.e. .3) by a factor of 10 to make it whole etc.

That’s all to it

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Depends on the country, dd. Inside the US, it is ‘math’, outside the US, it is maths. American English doesn’t include the ‘s’.