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Many players time and time again have come to you and CoG forums about the issues CoG is having, not only with the game but with intel on events and goal issues for old players. We pay money out of our pockets or ear free kreds that still go to ya’ll bank accounts and yet we get no support and have to hound you guys just to get a reply in an email. Kongregate…I have been with ya’ll for many years and NEEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEER had a complaint about any of your games until now. This may make you guys money but it is going to start causing you to loose a lot of your big spenders on this website due to issues with that game. I can name a few Big Spenders on that game that quit not only because of money issues but because of issues on ya’lls behalf. I for one have had enough and will not spend 1 more cent until you guys fix this issue with this game. Whats the problem Kongregate? You never let any one step on your toes until now so why start? WE pay for YA’LLS FOOD on the table…WE PAY YA’LLS BILLSWHY BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU? It makes no sence.

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COMPLETELY agree with Darkerness. They cancel promotion bonuses WITHOUT warning, there’s sooo many glitches that they dont care to fix and the translations are HORRIBLE. They leave blatant spelling errors uncorrected for months, and refuse to compensate there players when THEY make a horrible decision. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The amount of money they expect us to spend on their game (litterally hundreds, and believe me, we DO spend it.) WARRANTS appropriate attention by the developers. This is one of the glitchest and most NEGLECTED games ive ever seen. I know the Call of God dev’s are not stupid, they EXCEL at devising and implementing ways to get you to give them money. There is NO reason for them to ignore the happiness/needs of the player other then greed and laziness. I have had enough of it. If i quit this game, Im quitting Kong too. No more Kred purchases for this fellow until this dev team gets talked some sense into.

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You should probably post this in either the Kongregate forum, or the gaming one.

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Yes, we don’t represent kongregate.

But as a private citizen let me just say that CCG games suck so it’s your own fault.

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The life span of a typical Kongregate MMO/Kred-grubber…

Launch and try to acquire players. Wait for badges which bring more players. Wait for badge-peak to subside. Release ‘update’ and get back on the front page. Repeat until ‘updates’ doesn’t bring in enough new players. Backburner the game, ignore players and ignore bugs while working on new game.

Launch new game which is probably a reskin of the old game. Repeat the above.

Now you appear to have experienced this first-hand, use greater caution when swimming near such games and hopefully you won’t get harpooned next time.

But yes, wrong forum, etc. You could try too.