A Math Debate; Pi or Tau? page 2 (locked)

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I see you two are getting along well.

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Yeah I want to invite him to coffee, in an elevatorgate at 4 am, if you catch my drift.

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You assume too much, like for example that we share the same country. We don’t. I am from Europe.

Furthermore, you assume that where i am the same rules apply. They don’t. We are taught a great deal of math in great detail. And we don’t rely on computers to make graphs or calculate things. Again, assuming too much. You say that we aren’t taught critical thinking, i wasn’t aware that mathematicians were taught to assume too much. Or maybe it’s your personal thing?

Your original argument was nothing but a long post about how “this doesn’t exist”. Nothing to say about the whole thing at hand besides “that never happened”. Your critical thinking is lacking too, i clearly didn’t make this thread so that someone would tell me, “Nah, that doesn’t exist”. I wanted opinions on the phenomenon. Something you didn’t provide.

Also, as i said, leave your high horse outside the classroom if you teach and also aspire to become good at it.

After going through your profile i find it funny how a girl two years older than me can act so judgemental and high and mighty like she has been a a mathematician for years. Let me guess, just finished your studies and went out in Kong to show people how awesome you can be?

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Anyway, i am not all that interested in having an argument with you over something completely different and this thread is pretty much dead and buried. Locking it.