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Originally posted by Ungeziefer:

However, few could resist drugs by their own will. Fewer can resist the drug’s physiological and psychological effects.

Really? You sure? Do you have a lot of first hand experience with that? Is that something you have seen and learned first hand? Or was it something you were told again and again, and now believe? Frankly I find most people have little trouble keeping healthy relationships with drugs. Really the only people I know who have had any wider lasting drug problems are from my parents generation and with opiate prescriptions and mood alterants.

Few people drink at daytime (many of those who do are treating their hangovers instead of really having the need). Drug abusers usually do it day and night.

Yes, but you’re setting up a false comparison. “people who drink responsible, drink responsibly. People who abuse drugs, they do so irresponsibly!” it’s nonsense. Why yes, drug abusers by definition abuse drugs, who would have thought it. Would you like to clarify this into something salient?

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