Gun Legislation Ad (locked)

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I just got an ad asking me to support the UBC, with heavy overtones of the Newtown incident.

Kongregate is asking me to restrict gun rights?

Storm the House, Clear Vision, Sierra 7, Decision, Box Head, Sift Heads…

Kongregate makes a good portion of their living by glorifying guns and gun violence. pick a side!

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First: Kong IS NOT asking you to restrict gun ads.
Second: Delete this thread and make your post in the existing gun thread.
Thank you.

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Kongregate does not control what adverts are displayed. Their regional advertising partners do that. All Kong can do, is state acceptable age-appropriateness, and ask providers to remove infected or otherwise harmful advertisements.

Depending on where you live in the world, and what interests you have previously looked up on the computer, your adverts will change. You have obviously looked at firearms before, and so the advertising agencies that track what sites your computer has visited, display gun-related adverts on the site.

If you wish to get rid of them, delete the advert-company cookies from your computer (as that’s what’s tracking what sites you have been to), or install an ad-blocker to remove adverts entirely.