Want to participate in an mma fight. (locked)

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I want to know how to sign up for an MMA fight, as the title says, but i don’t know how. I’m going to ask one of the trainers at the place i go to about it, but i would like some in sight on what i should do first.
I’m 15, live in Michigan, and have been training in kickboxing/jujitsu for about 1yr 4months.
I know I’m old enough, their are community events for 6yr old’s to do tae kwon do and compete with each other. so i would just like to know the whole process of things, and if anybody here has competed in any amateur, or even professional, bouts who has any advice on the matter that would be greatly appreciated. Google search’s haven’t really been of use to me.
Though i do find it kind of ironic that I’m asking for help on a gaming site.

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Considering this is a flash game site, and what you want is ranked homo-erotic grappling, no, I don’t think ‘ironic’ is the right word.

No seriously, this question is what Google is for.

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No, but maybe next time.

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I don’t think this is the best place to ask a question like this, but I have trained with a few Muay Thai fighters and kickboxers and watched them on their paths into the ring. I have participated in many of their training sessions and asked the coaches any questions that were of interest to me about it. If I had more time I would have had my first fight a while ago (pesky real life getting in the way). So here’s what I learned from those experiences:

If you really want to fight you should make sure that you find a gym that can prepare you for that. Gyms that train fighters and whose staff consists of (ex) fighters and/or people who have experience in training fighters. It’s not about making you an invincible wrecking machine who cannot feel pain anymore. It’s about preparing you properly for your first fight. They should be able to construct a comprehensive training plan for you that covers conditioning, nutrition, ring experience (or octagon/cage experience; wherever you will compete. Should be adjusted to the rules you want to fight under. With or without elbows, with or without certain joint locks etc.) and so on.
Especially in MMA it can make sense to train different aspects of the fight at different places. Some guys like to split up ground fighting, wrestling and stand up. Maybe your gym has great instructors and training partners for one aspect, but lacks somewhere else. Again, the focus should be on preparing you properly. That’s more a pro thing to do, but you should be able to look forward to that experience and you should be prepared enough not to leave the venue on a stretcher. So try to get the best preparation you can realistically get.
There are gyms that have a pretty… Competitive character. Gyms where the first thing they do with newcomers is get them in the ring and have them go a few rounds against other people. Stay clear of those!
A good gym will not only be competent enough to prepare you for a fight, but also be at your side when it comes to deciding when and where to fight. Again, preparation for a fight takes time. Your regular training routine is not enough. You will have to change a few things and your coaches will help you on the way. They will make you ready and they will make sure that the challenge you will get is one you can be prepared for.

Before the fight you will have to get a medical clearance. Again, preparation is key here (seeing a pattern yet) and you will also have a hard time passing if you have a medical condition that could put you in danger (asthma, heart condition etc.), which I am not assuming in your case, but you never know, right?

Bottom line, find a gym with people that you trust and ask them if they would be willing to help you on the way. And don’t be afraid to ask them why you are doing something. They should be able to explain the training plan to you.