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The previous thread explaining the “AX:” concept was more of a discussion thread, and I think we arrived at a pretty solid result, so I’m creating this as a new locked sticky to formally and officially explain the thread.

In the past, we had seen complaints from a number of regulars in these forums that they feel like you can never have a more casual discussion or a discussion purely on a topic without having to defend it all the time. While I think debate and defense is a valuable endeavor and skill to have, it should not permeate every single thread in this forum.

As such, we have created the idea of axiom (AX:) threads. Basically, these are threads that list axioms at the beginning that are assumed to be true for the duration of the thread. Discussion then stems from those axioms. Anyone who comes on and tries to argue against the axioms in an axiom thread will be considered an off-topic troll and will be asked to cease. Of course, some leniency should certainly be shown for new users who are not familiar with this type of thread.

The use of “AX:” at the beginning of the thread title designates the thread as an axiom thread and indicates to the reader that they should check out the original post to find out what axioms are present. Of course, anyone using an “AX:” in their title is required to present axioms in the original post, or else the “AX:” designation will be removed.

When deciding whether or not to add the “AX:” designation, ask yourself this: will the conversation potentially fall apart by people who disagree with the axiom? If so, then an “AX:” is probably appropriate, since it will keep the topic focused. Is this a hotly debated axiom, or are most people willing to accept it anyway? If it’s generally accepted, you don’t need to specify it. Something like “Axiom: Gravity exists” isn’t needed.

Note that axioms must still follow the behavior guidelines – it is not free-reign to be excessively hateful/racist/etc. As an example of some such threads I would suggest or that would be appropriate:

Axiom: There is a God, and the Bible is the Truth.

Topic: Any sort of discussions of morality, what to do in certain situations, faith, whatever.

Axiom: Psionics is feasible.

Topic: A discussion involving advice, experiences, stories, links, etc. on the topic of psionics.

Axiom: Global warming is caused significantly by human influences.

Topic: What is the best way to combat this? What is within the powers of the government? Is it worth trying to change?

Axiom: Homosexuality is wrong/immoral/sinful.

Topic: Should we allow gay marriage? Is it within the government’s right to enforce religious morality?

These are of course just suggestions to try to give some ideas for what axioms can be used for.

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I’m just going to put a leg in and say that, if you want to start an axiom thread, in addition to to outline given by Phoenix above, that you should try to expand on the axiom’s implications and impacts in the overall discussion rather than using it as a pure example. You can use an axiom to prompt discussion, but ultimately, using an axiom alone is generally insufficient.

If you want to make an axiom that say “All cows are as intelligent as humans.” and discuss about human rights, your topic should ideally centre more on human rights than on cows being as intelligent as humans. Axioms should facilitate a discussion. Axioms should not be used to centre a discussion around without further expansion of its significance, aims, goals and purposes.

This is exactly what is outlined above. If you want to start an axiom thread from now on, please do take note that your axiom isn’t the topic. It only facilitates the discussion of the topic at hand.