Children and Sexual Orientation - A Pedophilia Question

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So here’s a question that I really, personally, am confused on.

After skimming the thread on transgender restrooms, I was reminded of an omegle conversation I once read. Someone brought up a story of a young boy who was incredibly feminine and they were discussing whether or not a kid is mature enough to decide what kind of person they want to be, as well as if they will identify with a gender identity.

Do children, at a young age (for the sake of argument, 13 and under) have the sexual maturity to know their sexual orientation?
Would a 10 year old girl who likes playing with girls (natural psychosocial development) and thinks boys are icky be able to decide that, in life, she is sexually attracted to other females? This may be an innocent enough question where the answer is “no, you’ll learn as you grow up, kid”, but what about when we get into children who want to be transgender?

Now for another challenge, if we assume that these children understand who they are well enough to truly understand what sexual orientation they adhere to, does that mean they’re mature enough to decide whether or not they wish to consent to sexual activity?

I mean, I personally I think that they shouldn’t be able to declare their sexual orientation until around age 16 (which I also feel would be a more appropriate age of consent in many cases, but let’s not get into that) or at least when they’ve cycled through the most confusing parts of puberty.


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OLI, I don’t want ya to think I’m shitting on yer OP.
I’m merely presenting the “flip-side” of the question,,,
and probably doing it in a weeeebit of too much of a mirthful manner.

Here goes:
I think it is a little too anal to actually establish the age at which a person “declares” their gender identity.

Hell, I’m 67 and still keeping my options open….
ya never know what might pop up.
My point is: things change.
Teen hormones are a raging, boiling pot of explosive brain chemistry going haywire and lopping off synapse in order to grow new ones so they can think more like an “adult”.

Do I think such kids might do a little better were they to have much more GOOD info on the subject?
Fuck yeah!
BUT, in the U.S…..we have groups that think “sex-ed” shouldn’t be a part of public school curriculum….at all.
But, these groups think a lot of weird shit about what life is “supposed” to be like.
One of the more infamous politicians believes marrieds should have sex ONLY to make a baby.
How fucking ugly & weird to ya have to be to need an excuse like THAT for being unable to “get some”?