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Originally posted by masterminders:

I for 1 would go to the nearest military base which would still be operational, get the big guns and ammo in a army truck. Then i would find a bank, which has protection originally against theives and live in there. Next 2 the bank there would be a food store to eat and drink from. During the day i would kill the zombies and organize a group of people to start up a town again and defend it. Since zombies eat only brains, when people are defended, they will die of starvation. then i would get life back to normal.

banks are only secure in the vaults
otherwise ur just a sitting duck because the bank security stuff depends on outside security e.g. the rozzers

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Has no one suggested actually living on the sea? I’d just steal a boat with all my family and friends and start sailing around the world. Eight people in my family are hardcore fisherman, (yup, HARDCORE) so fishing for fish wouldn’t be too hard. We’d bait them with a lot of supplies that we’d steal weeks in advance. For things to drink we’d take a purifier and purify the water. It’d be rough, but atleast we wouldn’t die.

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I’ll bring MP5PDW with 3x scope and lots of magazines of course.
And for sidearms I’ll get M9. Hey, I forgot the grenades.

I’ll probably stay at school roof. Plain and easy to kill (Yay its 6th floor!), hard to climb up.

When the sun rises, I’ll go to the nearest army force! It was just 1 mile off before I moved

Anyway, does animals become zombied?

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No the bank by my house has a steel gate thing that locks shut. zombies can get it depending on what they are like are they fast, slow, dumb, smart?

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Originally posted by masterminders:

No the bank by my house has a steel gate thing that locks shut. zombies can get it depending on what they are like are they fast, slow, dumb, smart?

Wow zombies can be fast and smart? I thought zombies were nobrainers <-literally

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Many different kinds of zombies:


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i would get a 12 gauge shotgun,a colt 45,some tacos,a baseball bat and a knife,my family,maybe an atom bomb,(remember hiroshima) and some chips,(doritos) and thats that. load’s shotgun happy zombie hunting! and remember to aim for the head!

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Originally posted by darkninja210:

another good book is world war Z

I definately agree. But thats a very political look to it.

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Where would I go: To the sea!
Where would I get my Supplies: Kill other Fish.
What weapons would you use: I dont have hands =(
who would you go with: thats for me to know and you to find out.
what would you eat: (Look at Supplies)

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search for max brooks’s zombie survival guide- its all you need against the zombie uprising
it even says where the best places 2 live r in the event of armageddon

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Originally posted by FuzzyBacon:
Originally posted by Vuteks:

If this were to happen i would team up with will smith and his dog and find a cure

1. Canada

2. Johns market place

3. the Max Pain hand gun(the bathroom scene

4. Bring my dog Samson

5. Worst came to worst i would eat the zombies

1) Canada’s awfully big. What part would you head to?

2) Grocery Stores aren’t great hiding places. They have big windows at the front, lots of entrances, and no good hiding places.

3) Any other weapons? What happens when you need a weapon for a different environment?

4, 5) Zombie flesh is poisonous. It would kill both you and the dog.

yeah but the dog could smell out zombies- thats mentioned in world war z as well

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Originally posted by pmr0078:

the nearest Waterstones

in America its called Borders (barnes and noble sux :D)

back on topix!

we need two new forum boards:

religion forum


disasters and threats to the human race that have an almost zero chance of happening but are still regarded by many people as “going to fuckin happen for sure, run!” forum

actually borders is a completely different shop to waterstones
i like waterstones better though, its just round the corner from where i work

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If a zombie attack would happen, I would:
1.clear out my closet (=
2.get the spam in the pantry
3.fill some jugs with water
4.put my 3 samori swords,and my old sword made from pakistan in my closet
5.make a barricade made of wood on my porch,in my closet
6.bring my .22 gun with an amo box into my closet
7.get my dads bow and put it in my closet
8.bring the gun, and kill zombies,keep killing till you run out of amo, then use the swords if you have to
9.scavange the land for food, and ration my spam and jugs of water if I can’t find anything else to eat
10.build defences by cutting more wood, and making higher thicker baricades
11.repeat, until either the zombies all die, or you run out of food/water

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4.put my 3 samori swords,and my old sword made from pakistan in my closet

You have a sword made out of a country? Wow…

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Where would you go?

My Work. I work in an 80,000 square foot shop constructed of 10" thick concrete walls with 3 steel reinforced doors, and 18 10’ steel overhead doors. i would have access to a full machining shop (lathe, MIG welder, CNC drill press etc..), 2 weeks worth of water (supplied in the shop in case city water fails), basic medical supplies.

Where would you get your supplies?

My shop sits on a major road with a feild of view of about 200 yards in every direction, accross the street and about 2 blocks away is a gaint Wal-mart. The building is 30’ tall with a 2’ high ledge on the roof. I would use my .308 Savage model 12 to neutralize any oncomming civilian traffic that would appear to be leaving the Wal-mart. Sustainable food could be grown on the roof along with water collectors ( I live in a very rainy part of the world). I have a full setup of reloading equipment for my firearms with enough supplies to make (roughly) 10,000 5.56mm (for a RRA 20" AR-15 with an EOtech holographic sight), 5,000 .308 (Savage model 12 Palma with a Nightforce 22X optic), and 2,000 .45 ACP (Springfield Arms M-1911 A1 mil-spec High Cap). I would bring this equipment with me.

What weapons would you use?

the above listed plus my 12 gauge Mossberg 590 (I currently have 400 rounds stocked), a custom Ruger 10/22 with a 6X Tasco optic (I only have about 100 rounds currently, just went shooting :D), and my little Rommy AK-47 (I have a 750 round crate). as for any melee weapons I could need, I would be able to manufacture them at the shop. I am also skilled in… how to put this without sounding like a terrorist… “home pyrotechnics”.

Who would you go with?

My Father. He is a damn good shot, and is also skilled in steel/wood fabrication, and some trap making.

What would you eat?

Food aquired from Wally World and that which I can grow on the roof… a lot of vegitables, but I figure I would be able to survive effectively for at least 6 monthes in this position.

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Originally posted by Danak:

I would rush out to the nearest Waterstones and aviail myself of a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. (Probably not even paying for it and using loyalty points instead).
I read that book its bad ass

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I’d go to some remote area like Kingman Reef, or somewhere more practical like a oil rig cause they have rations for months I hear, but then you have to worry about all kinds of other cliche movie horrors.

That or unleash robots on them, but then you have the chance of a robot uprising thus making a other topic.

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I would band up with my friends and go to the local grocery store. I would grab the hunting rifle i have and my useless BB gun ( I am very fond of my BB gun) and a sword one of my friends has. I would eat candy from the 2 gas stations and grocery store we have in my town. The towns pretty small so everythings close.

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I would round up family, pets and girlfriend
Break into a top secret NASA area, steal a rocket and go up to my undisclosed location before using a top secret weapon to purge the earth of the zombie menace, at the same time making the earth uninhabitable and blast off to a top secret planet base on another undisclosed location

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Anyone who wants to go with me wouldn have to pay me 5000 pounds and promise to make me the undisputed leader of our new civilisation on the top secret base on a far away planet where we will get to in 3 hours.

I will wait 24 hours before firing the top secret weapon. You must pay me before the zombie epidemic hits and I will get the rockets you require ready to fly.

After the 24 hours have passed, I will fire the weapon and anyone still on earth will die along with all the zombies.

I have enough supplies for 50 people.

If you pay an extra 200 pounds a nice man in a blue truck will deliver a weapons cache to your house. It is called a particle disassembler cannon and will instantly vaporise the zombies.

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Off topic, use it.

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I am very powerful and have contacts everywhere post on this thread if you are going to pay and a man will come to your house with the armour that will protect you from the blast of your particle disassembler cannons and to collect the payment.

The codeword if you want to come with me is “Main Plan A”.
It is this because my last name is Main and this is my Plan A.

You will leave your houses and be blindfolded in the back of trucks until you get to the space launch facility.

I will remotely launch all rockets 23 hours after the zombie epidemic starts and when all rockets have docked when the timer reaches 24 hours I will fire the weapon after a clear investigation has been made to see if there is any life remaining on earth.

If there is I shall fire the secondary weapon. A weapon that gets rid of the atmosphere.

Then we shall go to the top secret base and I shall be the undisputed leader of our civilisation.

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I’m glad at least somebody has a built up plan on here, but this is looking like zombies in space the movie idea. Wait how come you get to lead the civilization? If I could be like Vice undisputed leader of the civilization I’d totally be in.

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I suggest everyone trying out this Quiz, I think it’s quite “accurate” (it’s based on that Zombie Survival Guide) :

I think I would go to the nearest school, should be quite lot of supplies there, expect any weapons. There are small stores nearby too.

I would just try to keep zombies from getting inside until someone comes to help. And I would take family/close friends with me, if I could.