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Originally posted by epicdude3:

No, I want to be a scientist, so I could create weapons for soldiers. Agree?

Yea, quite a few labs receive grants to do just that. Not just weapons though; anything of use to the troops in the field is a worthy endeavor. Hence Boston Dynamics’ BigDog four-legged robotic equipment haulers for augmenting infantry in any terrain, and Bounce Imaging’s throwable camera, which is a full 360 degree camera you throw like a grenade to see what is in that room or over that wall before risking lives.

Neither is a weapon but both are great innovations to increase soldiers’ combat effectiveness.

Even some of our stuff has been military-funded. Replacement arms and hands for ones that have been blown off that function well enough to hold a weapon steadilly and work the trigger. Wonder what could be so appealing about that, to military forces, hmm?

Researhers put one hell of a lot into the warmachines of various countries, and most of it is under contract. Meaning they’re usually not part of the military themselves. Just funded by it.

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No, I’d dig a house underground and l’d live their until it’s over.