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If by death you have your memories replaced then what was the point of living so long? May as well just swap out your memories sooner and jump off something.

This is similar to the differences me and a friend have on our view of doing things. We like to go for road trips for example and he always wants us to go as far as possible and see as many different things, even if it means we just go from one to the next without time to enjoy them because he likes to tell people the tale of what he’s done more than he seems to enjoy doing it. I prefer to do things and enjoy myself rather than rush the moment so I can get home and start remembering it (guess that makes me one of Helltank’s Epsilons)

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You’ve raised an interesting related issue here. I’ve observed before that people often seem to prefer relating/sharing things than actually enjoying them, probably as part of being a “social animal”. What’s the first thing a child does when he finds a starfish on a beach? He calls his family over. And have you noticed that TV documentary presenters often seem more thrilled to be sharing their subject material than experiencing it themselves?

Q. Would you be willing to go on an amazing world holiday, taking in all the sights and having incredible experiences, if the condition for going was that you couldn’t say or communicate anything about it to anyone for the rest of your life afterwards?

Maybe most people prefer to reflect than to absorb experiences, suggesting that their appreciation of them is superficial and insincere. It’s not their own personal “wow” they want, but the elicited “wow” of others.