Define "religion"/ Is the Bible true? (Oddball2002's forum) (locked)

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Well, I am starting the thread I said I would start. And there are two main questions right now.
1) How would you define the word “religion,” and why? (discuss)

2) Is the Bible true? (discuss)

Now, let me tell you, I am not “searching for answers.” I am Christian. But, I am vitaly concerned with logic and knowledge, so anyone who is capable of actually presenting a logical argument, talk. (argument is defined as “a conclusion drawn from one or more premises”)

Please, absolutely no swearing(ect.) Even the things that you think everyone accepts and ignores. I know these are violently heated issues, but keep your cool. I will keep mine. And please, no spamming.

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I am waiting for responses right now.

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First off, please don’t post a second time 1 minute after your first post (ironically, you’re spamming your own thread). You’ll rarely if ever get a response that quickly. Secondly, both of these threads already exist. If you’d like to discuss, please continue it over there.

Definition of Religion:

God and The Bible: