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I did mean well. Probably could have phrased it better.

Ok, Pigeon, I’ll put it a better way: Any kind of profession of beleif in god or atheism is subject to extreme criticism, and using either as a reason to do things is also going to be subject to extreme criticism.

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she will then go what for its not what she wants to here and then she will go away

or we get to hear about a suicide thing (hopefully the second :/)

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First off, it’s a prank – this particular suicide blog (though not all) is fake. Additionally, I’m not exactly sure what you just wrote. Take a breath and write in complete sentences ;-).

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She’s done her last blog post so i thought i might as well bump this.

Flag Post before the bump?

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And yeah, it turned out it was just a anti-suicide campaign, and there is quite a informative video as the final part.

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Right…which we said at the beginning of this thread. :-P But that’s cool to know it’s finally done.

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