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plz have this locked, we already have a topic like this. (Next time, use ur eyes, not ur hands.)


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1. Firstly this should be in “Reporting posts” at the top of the off-topic forum.

2. Find the topic like that befor posting there.

3. Delete this post. Or just edit the title as its really stuffing up the serious discussion section.

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Well, this is a first, but I agree with billy. In the future, submit such requests either to the Feedback link or here. I’m changing the title because, as he said, it’s screwing up the formatting of the forum. Please don’t spam threads like this again warsoldier.

Also, I don’t remember the circumcision topic from before, and even if there was one, this new one is so far in depth that it’d be absurd to lock it. If you have a problem with a repeat thread you need to report it at the beginning before it grows into a real discussion.