Which Is Best Anti-Virus?

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I somehow got some viruses on my computer and, well… I don’t know which anti-virus to use. I tried McAfee, Avira, ClamWin. Right now, I’m using AVG Free Version. I don’t want to use Nod32 or Kaspersky, I know they are super good, but they cost money. Me have no cash! So, if you find a good one, tell me.

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Run Linux, there solved your problem :)

On my mother’s computer I have her running Avast. See only has one program that keeps her using windows, which runs fine using wine but she still won’t let me change her OS ;sigh;

Avast= Little better then AVG last I check and better on the resource usage and has a 24/7 scanner if you want it.
McAfee = Run away fast just about as bad as norton.
Avira = Never tried this one.
ClamWin = Free, but not much else to say about it.
AVG Free Version = Little on the heavy side, when it comes to resources usage.
Nod32 = Best option but costs money
Kaspersky = Decent, over all. AOL was using this as the backend for there free antivirus for a while.

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I used to use Avast Home Edition. I’m using AVG now, but I think I like Avast better.

For spyware I mostly use AdAware and HijackThis!

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It depends on your needs, some are virtually bloatware (Norton…) but do a decent job despite that. I’d recommend AVG as the best (legitimately) free AV. Like almost all general AVs it’ll work better preventatively, assuming you’re at all computer savvy.

If your computer’s really performing badly I’d just recommend formatting your HD and starting from scratch.

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I’m using AVG myself.

Due to it beeing free. Trying to reform from my sinful days of piracy in years past. :P

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OT, but why’s that Nithos? Why you’re trying to stop pirating I mean.

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I’ll just make a side-tracking here:
I’ve always felt that piracy of programs, games, films, music etc is a good way to preview the product. Personally this has in the past led me to buy many products I never would have dreamed of trying in the first place. Due to games for the most part beeing unreasonably costly.

Whenever I find a game that I liked, or enjoyed. Be it old or new, I will buy a copy if I can afford it. Developers deserves our contribution when making a good product. If we refuse to buy then the industry will suffer, and furthermore they will take it as a sign that their product wasn’t wanted.

I’m a student now, so I can’t really afford much, but whenever I can afford a concept that I want to see more of, then I buy the product with that concept. As I see it, this is the only way to encourage companies to keep making products of such a concept.

Don’t know if this make any sense to you guys, but to me it does.
You rarely see demos for computer games anymore, and testing a product before buying it is just common sense, isn’t it? You do test-drive a car before you buy it, and you look at a house beofre buying that aswel. Sadly many don’t care for the supporting of the developers and just pirate for the profit of themselves.

In the end though, some profit from this practice, and others don’t.

A thought just hit me, perhaps we should make a thread for this discussion.

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Go for it, piracy, DRM etc is a pretty contraversial topic and the SDF could use some interesting new material for debate.

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The best anti-virus is to not have a PBKAC. With modern computers and the standard home network topology (everything sits behind a NAT), the only ways to get infected with a virus are to download some untrustworthy crap off of the Internet and actually run it, or to piss a hacker off enough that he actually tries to break in to your computer.

I haven’t used an anti-virus program in years, and yet whenever I get paranoid and actually check my Windows box for viruses (I mount the hard drive in a linux box and clamscan it) there aren’t any.

Basically, unless you are the sort of person who actually installs that “free smiley” or “free mouse cursor” or “free toolbar” crap, you do not need AV.

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Just a note, be careful using HijackThis. It comes training wheels free.

Nithos and phooltk

I consider things like DRM a why the hell are you bothering. Odds are there will be a creaked version of your game on warez sites a week before the game hits shelves with the DRM striped out. So all your doing is making life for your paying costumers a pain.

Then are the people like the ones that made crysis complaining that they did not sell many copies of their game. For starters make a game that can run on a decent computer(like a mid range rig from two years ago). Even with a core2duo(runing at 3Ghz) and a video card like the 8800GT and you still won’t hit medium settings and keep a decent framerate. If you go crazy and get the best system you can buy you still won’t be able to reach max settings.


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Avast is pretty good. I like it and the best part is it is free.

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I consider things like DRM a why the hell are you bothering.

Bothering what? And I know. The funny thing is some games will pay for the privilege include crap like safedisk and securicom, which can only have any effect vs people who probably didn’t know how to get the file working in the first place as the image cloaking software (e.g. YASU) is several steps ahead pretty much 100% of the time.

Fact is, it’s simply impossible to prevent any game from being cracked easily that runs offline on windows as windows represents a massive security hole, and anti-piracy software has the same gaping weakness. That’s where steam comes in, steam, console games and alternative business models such as Blizzard have had so much success with.

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Back on track to anti-virus.

We got a whole thread for piracy. ;)

Personally I use AVG free edition.
Because it’s free, and it works.

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yeah i use avast home anti-virus. works a treat so far

also got windows defender as a back-up

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I ran spy sweeper(I still do)but I found out its more for the little viruses (the tracking cookies) so I downloaded a couple free tryals and found 4 taking screen shots, 1 recording videos, 1 that recorded everything I typed for the last 9 days on a notepad doc. 1 that recorded all of the sites I visited and my personal favorite, 1 that sent a copy of my hard drive specs to honking in Japanese, I found these with spy ware doctor and noadware. I think the BEST spy ware I’ve ever had was ad aware, but you cant get it anymore, also spybot was extremely good, again you cant get it anymore. spy ware doctor has an amazing fire wall, if you just download the demo, it will auto update, and scan indefinitely, but it will not remove the stuff it finds, but it will tell you where it is, and you can manually remove it. Except for 3, there under the temp files that has denied me access even in safe mode with administrator access, I think my last alternative is a reformatted, and id like to avoid that(yes I tried sys. Restores, and patches.

Edit: yes, I’ve also tried pulling it off in DOS. I do nothing personal on the computer that I don’t mind someone looking at, It just annoys me I don’t have control over the situation, I’m a follower, but I like to know(or at least believe)I have the ability to take control