CHURCHES why only christian (locked)

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what about those of us who want to join one of SATANISM

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but im not living in the united states i live in canada (you know that crappy cold place that tries to copy everything you do so you dont get pissed off and nuke us or something tho im thinking you will get pissed off with us copying you and will nuke us any way)

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I’m pretty sure Canadians can join too.

The Dark Lord is not picky.

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but we would be not true members becuase i was sure it wasnt an online community


bq.The Dark Lord is not picky

what harry potter book are you reading?


ok im lazy im just going to reply to this topic by editing this post :/ btw a bit off topic where can i go to find out about a lossless codec and a lossy codec and 5 examples of an audio lossless and lossy and 5 examples of a video lossless and lossy (ive been serachen and finding not very good examples)

ya but im not a total nerd who reads codes except occasionally

i only clicked on this at wiki

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I don’t know man, if you want to join it do your own research.

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Wiki doesn’t have good sources on that? That’s the type of stuff they usually are packed with. Do you need 5 lossy and 5 lossless for each?

Also, I’m not seeing this topic heading in any sort of legitimately serious discussion…

Dude, did you even look at Wiki? :-/

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