WHY DO TOPICS GET LOCKED??? (read b4 you lock this) (locked)

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ok i just want to know because people can still technically post by editing any of there post they had before it was locked so why bother locking it if people can still post?

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You’re welcome to message me, or any other forum mod, with questions, but creating a new thread just to ask this question really kinda works against you.

The point of locking a thread is to let it die. Yes, people can make edits, but no one can create new posts, so it cannot be bumped back up to the top of the thread list. In this way, a thread can die peacefully. It also allows us to keep the thread for history’s/record’s sake rather than just deleting it (which of course is the other option).

Now, in the future, please only create new threads that have a genuine topic of interest that you think other people would like to talk about, and try not to overdo the number of threads you create. This forum works best when there aren’t too many active threads so that people can concentrate on a few good conversations.