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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Now I’m kinda thinking again. I don’t have an idol, I don’t want to meet anyone or do anything, and I really don’t want anything else. I’ll take some of your suggestions in mind, like tone down the amount of games, add a few accessories, and some other stuff. Also, I’m sorry if I seem to be "taking advantage of/abusing the Make a Wish foundation. Many kids, there wish is to go on a 3 day cruise and a 7 day vacation to/on Europe, the Bahamas, etc. Those wishes are like $10,000 dollars. I will take SOME of your suggestions, but please, FREAKING RESEARCH what you saying before you go flame someone.

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I wouldn’t call what I was doing “flaming” and I stand by what I said before. At least a trip to Europe is an experience. Sitting at home playing thousands of dollars worth of video games can hardly be compared to that. I’m a gamer, I love games, but I’m not about to make anyone who is trying to be kind to be even though they have no obligation to do so (keep in mind that it’s not their fault you had the sickness) pay for me to play tons and tons of games.

Not to mention you still have school work that needs to be done, and you shouldn’t sacrifice that for gaming for any reason. I only have a few games, and I still have a hard time making myself study for exams over playing them.

Perhaps you should consider a European holiday instead, my dad went to live in Rome for six months when he was 16, and he still remembers it as one of the best times of his life. I myself would love to go. That’s the kind of thing that lasts you forever, while gaming only lasts you until you clock the game.

Anyway, you can completely ignore me if that’s what you want, I’m just in the state of mind that maybe you should take the opportunity to have an experience that’s far more memorable and less superficial then hours of gaming. Cheers.