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First things first. I don't want any fanboy-ish posts in here. I don't want to see anyone saying any system sucks, because it's false. They are all excellent pieces of hardware that each have their own weaknesses. I'm putting this in serious discussion because I don't want it to get flooded with pointless, ignorant comments like usually happens in the Off-Topic or Games forums. This is a serious question and I'm looking for serious advice. Anyway, at this point, I'm close to the time of my life when I'm finally going to upgrade to the next generation. I can't afford to get both (already have a Wii), so I have to pick carefully. I've attempted to put together a good pro/con list, but I have some holes, and since I don't have any friends with either system I'm lacking a lot of personal experience. Additionally, if anyone else has any questions about these systems, please feel free to add them and hopefully they can get answered too. Thanks for the help, and I'll be modifying and changing this list as comments come in. :) EDIT: In the interest of fairness and equality, and because someone else might want to use this as a buying guide besides me, I went ahead and added the Wii as well. Feel free to make suggestions/adjustments. My list at this point goes like this: (some changes made based on replies)
*PS3* *_Pros:_* - More powerful hardware (longer lifespan, greater potential for better games) - Bluray player - Free online multiplayer - Motion controllers with built-in rechargeable batteries - Pretty good back compat with PS1 (and PS2 for the 80GB model), but newer models emulate *_Cons:_* - Slightly more expensive hardware (by about $50) - Weaker current game library - PSN doesn't have challenges, also may be buggy (unsubstantiated) *_Must-have exclusives:_* (subjective, obviously) - (retail) Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, Uncharted, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, God of War III, Devil May Cry 4 (maybe) - (download) Warhawk, Super Stardust HD, PixelJunk Monsters, EchoChrome, Everyday Shooter, flOw (can anyone estimate how much HD space those 6 downloadable games would use? I couldn't find that anywhere. Also, outside of Warhawk, what prices do these range in?)
*360* *_Pros:_* - Very strong current library - Excellent online capabilities - Decent back compat with some XBOX games (good for me since I have a PS2 but not an XBOX) - Slightly cheaper hardware and software *_Cons:_* - No built-in wireless (fortunately, I think I found instructions on how to hack one of my wireless routers to act as a wireless receiver for the 360) - No HD movie capabilities - Relatively high rate of hardware failure (anyone have stats on this?) - Controllers require additional rechargers - Halfway through its life cycle (probably 2 - 3 years left) - Online costs an additional $50/year (i.e. one fewer game every year) - Many of their top exclusives are also available on PC *_Must-have exclusives:_* (again, my opinion) - (retail) Bioshock, Orange Box (can anyone confirm/deny - I hear the PS3 version of Orange Box is utter crap, and considering I saw it on sale, new, in Target for $30, I'm inclined to believe it), Gears of War, Mass Effect, Dead Rising, Viva Pinata, Halo 3 (I don't particularly want it, but for most it admittedly is) - (download) RezHD, Braid, N+, Geo Wars, Puzzle Quest
*Wii* *_Pros:_* - Innovative controls - Inexpensive - Family friendly, wide audience range - Free online connectivity - Strong Nintendo franchises, lots of exclusives - Great party/college games - Perfect back compat with the Gamecube *_Cons:_* - Patently last generation hardware (graphics, AI, physics, etc.) - Few "hardcore" games available - Relatively small and weak game library, few strong entries from 3rd party developers - Minimalistic online multiplayer capabilities - No HD capabilities (limited to 480p) and no movie capabilities (not even DVD). - Very small hard drive (only 512 MB), will require additional Flash cards if you download a lot *_Must-have exclusives:_* - (Retail) Mario Galaxy, Smash Brothers Brawl, Metroid Prime 3, Okami (hard to find on the PS2 these days), Twilight Princess (yeah, on Gamecube, but did anyone really buy that version?), Boom Blox, Zack & Wiki (?), Super Paper Mario, No More Heroes (I didn't really enjoy it, but a lot of people do), Wario Ware Smooth Moves, Mario Kart, Trauma Center, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Rayman Raving Rabbids - (Downloadable) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Lost Winds
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> PS3 – Bluray player / 360 – No HD movie capabilities

The PS3 having Bluray would be a huge deciding factor for me. I love movies, so that might make me go the PS3 route. However, Bluray discs are expensive. Also, the fact that the 360 has no HD movies is not entirely true, IIRC. I don’t know if they still make it, but you can get an add-on HD DVD player for $120. Not chump change, I know, but if you take into account the fact that everyone’s selling HD DVDs for about $15, it makes the price difference bearable.

> 360 – No built-in wireless (fortunately, I think I found instructions on how to hack one of my wireless routers to act as a wireless receiver for the 360)

Negligible. Unless you plan on moving it from place to place quite frequently, or your PC has no wireless and is located in a different place then where your system would go, a good old fashioned (lol) Ethernet cable should do the trick.

> PS3 – Free online multiplayer / 360 – Online costs an additional $50/year (i.e. one fewer game every year)

I haven’t played the PSN, but I asked XBL to marry me. My experience with it has been amazing. Add in the achievements, and you have Kong on a MUCH larger scale. :D And if you think about it as $5 a month, it’s not so bad. Also, from what my friend said, PSN can be a pain to set up.

> 360 – Again, similar question – how much space are these downloads going to use? Is there any justification for getting more than the 20GB model?

I think I read somewhere that XBLA games were limited to 50 MiB. I may be, and probably am, wrong, though. From what I’ve heard, XBLA has much better choices in downloadables, including one that was quite similar to Portal, but I now have no idea what it was. D:

> Both – Exclusives

It all depends on what kind of games you like. No, I’m not talking about genre. I mean, do you prefer the Japanese, anime and manga based games, and the general Japanese style of gameplay; or the big-budget, Hollywood style games? For example, would you rather play Final Fantasy or Gears of War? Two completely different games, I know, but take the Japanese vs. American makers into account. It really comes down to what your favorite franchises are. If you prefer FPSs, I would definitely go with the 360. These, and the library size questions are the single biggest thing I would consider in your decision.

PS: Don’t hold get a 360 just for BioShock, it is still heavily rumored it will come out on tthe PS3.

> 360 – Halfway through its life cycle (probably 2 – 3 years left) / Relatively high rate of hardware failure

A couple of BIG factors. I don’t know how valid these will end up being, but they are a huge concern for me. I guess they have pretty much worked out the RRODs now, though.

> PS3 – Motion controllers with built-in rechargeable batteries

Meh. The motion controls pretty much suck on the PS3 in my experience.

> Both – Hard drive size

I wouldn’t spring for the 80 GiB over the 40, but in the case of the 360, I would definitely go with the 120 over the 20, especially considering all of the extra features you get for just $80, as opposed to almost nothing for $100. Plus, it’s black! XD

I am not trying to say anything about either system, just throwing in what I know. :-P BTW, I own neither system. I think this is the longest post I have ever made. XD

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I’m admittedly a fanboy, but I’ll do my best to try and provide objective information rather than my opinion. My knowledge of the 360 is pretty limited, but I’ll try and answer your questions about the PS3.

First things first, the controllers. The batteries are built into the controllers, and you charge them by plugging them in via usb cord to the PS3 (while in standby or in use, it doesn’t matter.) Do make note of the fact that the provided charging cable is very short, though, so if you want to charge your controller(s) while playing (say, you run low during an online match of CoD4 or something and don’t have another controller on hand) you’ll need something like a retail “Play and Charge” cable (or sit on the floor in front of your TV and fry your corneas, your choice.) The Sixaxis is pretty comfortable and wieldy, but it’s not as robust or sturdy as the 360’s controllers. Unless you’re going to be hauling them back and forth a lot or throwing them across the room in anger, this probably shouldn’t be a problem, though.

PSN: I’ve played on both PSN and XBL multiple times, and the service seems exactly the same to me. You just load up your game of choice and hop into a match. I haven’t had much experience with the friends system in XBL, but it’s pretty straightforward in PSN, and I’m not exactly sure what advantages XBL could have. Achievements are pretty damn cool, but (in my opinion) aren’t enough to give the edge over the free service for PSN. Hooray for no monthly fees!

Download games: I haven’t downloaded Warhawk, but that’ll definitely fill up some bit of space. The other games, however, are pretty much negligible. With 20-80 gigs of space on your hard drive, you’ll definitely be able to fit all of those, more, and all your game data on the HD comfortably. Most of the downloadable games are fairly small, usually from about 250mg-1gig in size. Games are generally $6-12, most being $10 or so.

So far, I’m quite enjoying my PS3. The game selection is currently smaller, but 2008 looks to be shifting the tables on all that (whoohoo, MGS4!) Obviously, it’s your personal interest in the games of each console that should help you decide. I haven’t played the PS3 Orange Box, so I don’t know if it ported over well or not (though I hope it did, since it’s got some good games.)

As for the HD on the 360, it does have HDDVD capabilities, but I’m not sure if you need a certain model or additional purchases or anything like that to have it work, you’d have to look into it. Being able to hack your wireless router is a big plus, since that’s one less problem to worry about. I’d imagine the size of the downloadable games for Xbox is pretty much the same. I don’t know if I’d be ready to say if either console’s downloadable selection is superior, they both have a lot (of similar material) to offer. With the newer models, the old horror stories of Red-Ringing seem a lot less likely, so you’re probably safe about that.

They’re both great consoles, so try and evaluate which pros and cons make the biggest impression on you. My choice was the PS3, but a lot of people really enjoy the 360, so there’s got to be some merit to it.

Edit: Oh, and whatever you get, have fun with it!

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The Difference on the online plays

Xbox LIVE Silver: Extensive Online Movie Rentals, Buy TV shows, Original Xbox Games, Xbox LIVE Arcade Titles, Xbox Community Games (Coming Soon), Chat, Video Chat, Windows LIVE Messenger integration, MMORPGS, Game , Game add-ons

($50/year) Xbox LIVE Gold adds: Online Multiplayer, Xbox LIVE Diamond Card (additional small fee), Tournaments, Matchmaking

PSN: Online Multiplayer, Game Demos, PS3 Downloadable Games (equivalency of XBLA), PS One games, Movie and Game Trailers, Chat, Video Chat, Internet Access, Game add-ons

For me personally I have an Xbox 360 and I enjoy being able to rent HD movies on it. Although I wouldn’t mind free multiplayer, the $50 a year doesn’t hurt my wallet too much.

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Hey, thanks guys. And sorry Yreval – fanboys are absolutely welcome if they give answers like yours. :)

I don’t consider the 360 to be HD-movie capable because HD-DVD is a dead format. Yes, there’s lots of cheap movies available now, but no more will be released in the future. As such, buying the HD-DVD drive would be foolish if you want to buy any movies made later than 2007 ever again. Bluray is expensive now, but no more than DVD was compared to VHS when it first came out. I expect Bluray to have prices similar to DVDs in another 5 years or so, and with Blockbuster I can rent all the Bluray I want. :)

The Wireless is an issue for me (and I’d imagine most) since I don’t think most people have their computers and their entertainment centers in the same room (office vs. family room for me). I (read: my wife) really don’t want to run ethernet cables the length of the house if at all possible.

I admit, achievements are very appealing to me (thanks Kong for getting me addicted), but I kinda agree with Yreval that if that’s the only difference that it doesn’t seem worth $50/year.

I didn’t realize the controllers only had short-charging cables. I would probably charge them every night, but how long does a charge last? Is it common to need to charge mid-game? I personally think the Playstation controllers are the best controllers videogaming has ever seen, but that’s very much personal preference. I’m stoked that they’re coming out with rumble features now (Dualshock 3 – woot!).

That’s good to know that the 40GB model would be plenty large enough, though I’ll be sad to lose my back-compat with PS2. I feel like my PS2 is about on its last breaths and would love to be able to stick it in storage and consolidate down to one machine. Not sure if that’s worth $100 to me though. Does anyone know if the PS2 back compat actually works well in the new models? They used to put an actual PS2 chip in, but now apparently it’s all software emulated (which makes me wonder why they’re charging more for it…seems kinda cheap).

EDIT: Apparently the back-compat is no longer quite as good. Only 73% of PS2 games are compatible right now since the Emotion Engine (one of the PS2 chips) is now emulated. There is a graphics chip in the 80GB that’s not in the 40GB, which explains why there’s no emulation on the 40GB version.

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“Is it common to need to charge mid-game?”
If you’re going to be charging them every night, it’s very unlikely that will be an issue.

I won’t lie though, I have the 40GB and I occasionally find myself wishing I had gone the extra mile. Then again, the only thing broken about my PS2 are the abused controllers, and those are cheaper to replace than the extra $100…

The backwards compatibility works pretty well from what I’ve seen, but you’ll have to get a small adapter (~ $15) to upload the data from your memory cards onto the HDD if you don’t want to start anew on your games.

Oh, also, it looks like Warhawk takes under a gig of space – much less than I expected. Apparently, it actually takes up more space if you get it off the BluRay disc due to some bonus video content. As it turns out, game demos seem to be some of the biggest files you’ll download (and subsequently delete,) as some of those can take over a gig – more than a whole download game!

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Oooh, good to know! I had no idea it didn’t accept PS2 cards! Wow, you’re full of great info. :)

It’s funny, at this point I own Viva Pinata, Call of Duty 4, and an extra controller for the 360 (found them on sale at various times). I was planning on getting a 360 for months, but now I’m balking a little. Keep it coming guys, this is helping. :)

That’s pretty crazy about Warhawk! Good to know though. 40GB will be plenty, plus it can be upgraded easily and cheaply later (something the 360 definitely can’t do). So, the only advantages for the 80GB are back compat, SACD support (something I’ll never use), and a Flash card reader. Is that worth $100? Hmm…

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Games, man, games! Unless your only interest is in games on both systems, I guess I kind of miss the point of this whole discussion. I bought a 360 because it had a good chunk of exclusive games that I wanted to play. I don’t have a PS3 yet simply because it doesn’t have a lot of games that interest me. But if its library builds a bit and entices me enough, I’ll have no problem with picking one up.

Also, achievements are neat, though I never really got into them too much. (Crap, am I allowed to admit that, as the guy who does all of Kongregate’s? Honestly, though, I feel like a lot of the achievements for Xbox games are pretty poorly designed — and I’m sure some people feel the same way about some of mine!)

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I tried both and i’ve always been more comfortable with an Xbox 360. not saying its a comfort thing but i do like Xbox better then PS3. The hardware faliure you mentioned is called “red eye”, basicly unless you by a fan for the back, it can heat up and melt something in the console ( some shotty manufacturing) but all it does is give you a red ring around the visuals. But the 360 does work pretty well, but its one major flaw- doesn’t like being moved… at all unless turned off sp you might want some where it can be steady (friend moved it huge gouge on the underside of the disc and killed about a quater of the game). the red eye problem is reletively cheap to fix, 20$ fan on the back and it really comes down to what sort of games you like. If you prefer shooter games then i would go for the 360 but other types like racing would probably be better on the PS3.

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greg: Also, achievements are neat, though I never really got into them too much.

My cosmic bubble just popped…

The thing is, I truly believe that in the long run the PS3 will be the better system with the better games. The question is, do I get the good games now and hope I’ll have the funds for a PS3 later, or do I go ahead and future-proof myself?

LtBlaze: but all it does is give you a red ring around the visuals.

That sounds like a pretty terrible problem to me. So I have to add a fan to my purchase list. Good to know. For the record, I think the 360 has at least as strong a racing collection as the PS3 (Project Gotham 3, Forza 2 vs. Gran Turismo and Ridge Racer).


I see you’ve made some edits. For the record, XBLA downloads are limited to somewhere in the 300 – 500 MB range now (they keep upping it), so some games are definitely going to get up there in size.

I’ll give you a “fair point” on the PS3 motion. Whether or not it works well, the controller isn’t well designed for them (as opposed to the Wii controller which is perfect for motion control). It’s a minor addition, but really I think I’d rather play flOw with a joystick (do you have that option?).

I don’t follow your logic with the models. I see more features gained by going to the high-end PS3 (larger HD, Flash card reader, PS2 back compat) vs. the 360 (only feature gained is larger HD), and they’re both a $100 price difference. Am I missing something?

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The only thing that keeps me staying with the 360 is due to it’s great library. Even though PS3 has MGS4, Haze, and Killzone coming out 360 still has plenty of great titles down the hatch in just this year it’s going to have Ninja Gaiden 2, Too Human, Fable 2, Gears of War 2, our Soul Calibur 4 is going to have Yoda :P.

The one thing that makes me wary of the PS3 is the fact that all of it’s current top titles are also available on the 360.

As for the graphics ordeal considering I own a SDTV I don’t really see a difference in the graphics between the two. Although I’ve heard and seen screenshot comparisons and the difference between the games isn’t enough to make me want a more expensive system.

One other thing that has completely turned me off from the PS3 is the whole downloading the game on your hard drive thing. When I go buy a game I want to be able to play immediately. I know alot of video game journalists have complained about Devil May Cry 4 for this reason.

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Bioshock might go multi real soon.

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I have both a 360 and a PS3. Of the two, hands down I would chose the 360. The Live service is amazing, as everyone’s been saying — the PS3’s may be free, but you get what you pay for, and have no ability to carry a friends list from game to game.

On the HD issue, the Xbox may have more of a leg up than you would think. As of right now it’s the only way to rent high definition movies online. Just click the button, let it buffer, and there you go. High def. The library is about as big as Bluray’s at the moment. I think this is good, because even though Bluray won the format war, I think the digital download will be the winner overall.

One big difference I noticed is demo downloading. Both the PS3 and XBox offer demo downloading services, but the PS3 makes you install them first, as if you were on a PC, where the Xbox is ready to play as soon as you download. A small quibble, but irritating.

I’m not sure either that I believe the hype about the PS3 being a ten-year console. Maybe it’ll last ten years, sure, but it’s not ten years more advanced. Technologically the PS3 and the 360 are pretty evenly matched, so the only thing that would make the 360 halfway through its cycle is Microsoft’s marketing decisions.

And yes, the games. I tried for a while to play a little game with my Gamefly account, where I would rent a 360 game once, then a PS3 game once. There are a few really good PS3 games – Uncharted in particular was very good – but I’m running out of things I care to play. I’ve had Lair in an envelope on my desk for the past two months. The 360 on the other hand has a wider library more in line with my tastes, and has most of the games the PS3 has to boot.

I also think the 360 controller is the best designed controller I’ve ever held. It’s comfortable and solid and I love the asymmetric thumbsticks. The Sixaxis is flimsy and honestly too light and the thumbstick positioning is awkward in my opinion. Plus the shoulder buttons are badly designed. And yes, the motion detecting is useless and is only sparingly used in any game I’ve ever tried.

The Penny Arcade game clocked in at around 250MB. Also, you can download “Xbox Originals” which are Xbox 1 games. I downloaded Psychonauts at around 3.4 GB I think. Hard to remember.

That said, the PS3 does have some nifty stuff, especially if you have a PSP too. If you’re in a wifi hotspot you can stream videos from your computer through your PS3 to your PSP wherever you are, but I’ve never used the feature. You can also play PS1 games remotely this way, but again, I haven’t tried it. Still, nothing that would make me want a PS3 over a 360 if I had to make the choice.

So my verdict: 360. And I mean, come on, Metal Gear Solid Four is going to have literally 90 minute cutscenes. That’s plural. What’s so great about that? ;)

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I just have a bit to add on 360 red ring/fan topic. I remember a while back Major Nelson warned gamers that adding the fan to the 360 was considered modding the console. They detect modding by a change in the amount of power the console is using and you could get banned from xbox live by using the fan. However, I’ve never had any problems with my 360 and it’s taken a good amount of abuse.

I noticed you have Ninja Gaiden Sigma on your must have list. I don’t know if you saw this but you may want to take a look.

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Well you probably realise it, but many of the exclusives you mention are available for PC as well. Geometry wars, bioshock and everyday shooter as well as others are on steam for example, though the gameplay can vary.

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Mastry: A fair point – the only reason I have Ninja Gaiden Sigma on my list is because I don’t have an XBOX so I’m perfectly fine with getting a slight graphic update to the original game.

cpasley: Good insight, thanks! The high-def rentals aren’t too important to me because I can get those through my digital cable, so unless they’re significantly cheaper than $4 each I doubt I’d even use them. But you’re right that in general that’s a nice way for them to help deal with the lack of HD movie support.

For the record, the PS1 came out in 1995 and was still selling games and units in 2002 or so. The PS2 came out in 2000 and is still selling extremely well 8 years later. Both of those considered, and considering I don’t think we’ve seen even close to the potential of the PS3 yet, I would not be surprised to see it have a healthy 10 year lifecycle. Meanwhile, some experts have said that they expect the new Microsoft console out in 2010. EDIT: Correction, the PS1 was actually in production all the way to 2006, making it an 11 year cycle, and I think the PS2 is likely to match or exceed that at this rate.

I didn’t realize you could download entire XBOX games. That does make it tempting to go for the 120GB version instead…

Seeing as you seem the be the only one so far with both systems, would you mind giving a little more detail about the differences between PSN and XBL? So far, I see that you have challenges and carry-over friends lists (admittedly both very nice features). Is that it though?

By the way, I fully agree with you about MGS4. I have almost no interest in the game. Also, for those who’ve mentioned Haze, it sucks. It got a 54/100 on Metacritic last I checked.

phooltk: Indeed – I actually just updated the 360 cons to include that fact. I could simply buy a 360 controller for my PC, then get most of their big-name exclusives on my PC. Granted, my PC is almost 4 years old, but I figure I’ll be due for an upgrade before too long, so that might push me in that direction. Sheesh. You know, prior to this generation, I don’t think I’ve ever had a major decision like this. There was always an obvious winner in my opinion (2600, NES, SNES, PS1, PS2).

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Oh, crap – I might just have had my decision made for me.

Amazon is running a special right now. If you buy an XBOX and GTAIV, you get a $50 gift card. Even sweeter, they apparently still have some Elite bundles, where for $450 you get an Elite plus Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance (both pretty good games). Yikes, that’s gonna be a tough decision, especially with free shipping and no tax…

Though I’m confused about something. Here’s the link for the deal. Now, if you’ll notice, you can get a $50 rebate or a $75 rebate depending on which console you buy. Can anyone explain to me why the non-bundled 360 gets you a bigger rebate than the bundled one? Is one of them a new version of the 360? I thought all of the bundled versions had the new Falcon motherboard. Am I missing something?

Here’s a question: is GTAIV really that good? I enjoyed GTAIII, but didn’t like San Andreas (the gang-life setting really bothered me – it was too close to true-life to be enjoyable; mafia somehow seems more enjoyable and fictional to me).

Another question: Do I need to buy a service/replacement plan for the 360, or with the Microsoft warrantee cover me well?

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Usually i remain quiet with the forum and just read them, but i thought i gived you my two cents. Last year my room mate and I have both console in our room. He had the 360 while I had the 40g ps3. The funny thing was that his 360 never received the RRoD, while my ps3 was sent back to the service center twice within 6 months. I don’t abuse my ps3 at all, i barely touch it, since i can turn it on with my controller and i leave the game disk inside the ps3. That was my personal experience. But imo I’m still sticking to the Ps3 because of the game library. For me Halo wasn’t a selling point because im not really a fan of fps games.

To answer your question GTA 4 is great, the game story has some depth, the missions doesn’t seem redundant and the game itself is very deep. But once you clear your mission, its pretty much boring since its a 1 city thing, unlike San Andreas, there are no businesses to steal or keep. Pretty much you probably go on dates or call up a buddy or something after you finish your story missions. But still it is a very good game to get.

One of the Pros you could put up for the Ps3 is the load times. Many games makes you install some data file into your hard drive, so that the ps3 can load up your game faster. Some games have huge improvements in load times compared to its 360 counterpart and some not so much.

Lastly, if you are looking for a gaming console, i think right now 360 is the way to go, since the new box’s address the RRoD issue. But if you are looking for like a media entertainment system, then i would say go for the ps3. I have my computer set up so that my ps3 can watch any movies/shows/music from my computer without moving it into the ps3 hard drive.

P.S. the 360 my roomate had coudn’t play sound from the hd output, due to something weird with his LG tv. So if you are getting the 360 make sure your tv can play the hd sound, or not you have to use analog cables. Im not sure why, but when he use the hd output there was no sound, and unlike the ps3 you cant just change the sound to analog and keep the video output at hd. So he ended up playing his 360 with analog. Im not sure if this effects many people, but it did effect my roomates, so just watch out for that.

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xbox 360 also has more missions in gta4 than ps3 does and halo 3 should be in the must have exclusives for 360

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> Indeed – I actually just updated the 360 cons to include that fact. I could simply buy a 360 controller for my PC, then get most of their big-name exclusives on my PC.

Don’t do that! The 360 games later ported to the PC have always sucked compared to the originals. Just check Gears of War on the two systems.

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Don’t do that! The 360 games later ported to the PC have always sucked compared to the originals. Just check Gears of War on the two systems.

I’m calling BS on that one. A quick comparison from
(pardon, I can’t get HTML or Textile tables to work here)

(360 vs. PC)

Mass Effect: 91 vs 93

Gears of War: 94 vs 87

Orange Box: 96 vs 96

Bioshock: 96 vs 96

I don’t see any real bias there towards the 360 versions, and considering Microsoft has specifically aimed to try to get the 360 games on PCs and make it an easy transition this doesn’t surprise me.

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Ok, I rest my case. I remember Games For Windows Magazine giving the PC version of GoW a 6/10, I believe. Never mind. Also, I said “later ported”. Meaning, those that came out on 360, then the PC months/years later. XD

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so ive looked at this YOURE ALL only comparing by its hardware but not its games if i was to buy a system id not buy a certain one beacuse of its hardware but for its games at 1st i wanted a wii but then i noticed xbox 360 has more games that i would play over a period of time longer than the wii (sadly i cant really say anything for play station because i knew some people with them and there lens always died costing them more money in the long run to get it repaired)

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Seeing as you seem the be the only one so far with both systems, would you mind giving a little more detail about the differences between PSN and XBL? So far, I see that you have challenges and carry-over friends lists (admittedly both very nice features). Is that it though?

More or less. I haven’t played a lot of multiplayer on the PS3; most games that have that option, I go straight to the 360 version. But I can tell you that having separate friends lists for each game would be maddening after having the convenience of XBL.

And yes, GTA IV is a monumental achievement in gaming, though I found it to get a little repetitive near the end. The multiplayer is great in it too.

I would also challenge this assertion:

But if you are looking for like a media entertainment system, then i would say go for the ps3. I have my computer set up so that my ps3 can watch any movies/shows/music from my computer without moving it into the ps3 hard drive.

I actually use my 360 to do this too, and all in all it seems to buffer faster.

You shouldn’t need an extra warranty for the 360 if you’re concerned about things like Red Ring of Death issues. It may be surprising to hear, after my glowing review of the 360, that I’ve had the RRoD twice. The first time I tried to weasel out of having to send it back to Microsoft by trying to switch it out at Costco, which worked but was a huge pain, but the second time I sent it back to Microsoft and had it back in just over a week. I think the newer boxes have that problem fixed though, from all I’ve heard.

One of the Pros you could put up for the Ps3 is the load times. Many games makes you install some data file into your hard drive, so that the ps3 can load up your game faster. Some games have huge improvements in load times compared to its 360 counterpart and some not so much.

I’d actually call that a con – you have to wait to install some games before playing them. I know it speeds up load down the line, but I’m impatient when I want to play a game.

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Hellwolf: so ive looked at this YOURE ALL only comparing by its hardware but not its games

You’ve obviously taken a cursory glance at best. There are numerous points made about the library, future potential of games, online multiplayer, availability on the PC, etc.


GTAIV is tempting, but perhaps I’ll just rent it. I could probably return the copy I get for some store credit and pick up the Orange Box or Bioshock, which is what I really want. :)

Do you have to pay shipping each time you send the console back for a RRoD, or does M$ pick up the bill for that too?