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Originally posted by Ryuk1:

I really like a lot of the base ideologies that Republicans have, but they are not yet adapted to properly suit the 21st century. They need to reform a few things about their party.

i agree, a couple hundred years ago a republican president made hugh strides towards the development of our country, but now, it’s starting to age. If it was changed up a little more it would be so much better

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America cannot have true nationalism.

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Originally posted by Conco:

Obama is a communist didn’t you know.

LOL! That is all.

He will take away your guns, put in universal healthcare, cut military spending, fund social services immensely and tax the rich a huge amount.

If only eh?

Actually, most of these things sound very reasonable to me.

Originally posted by darkninja210:

well it is true many countries enacted some sort of gun control before killing many residents.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that is because pretty much all countries enact some sort of gun control, period. It is also true many serial killers had breakfast the day they started their sprees.

As for the OP, by now I’m waiting for Alex Jones to pop up in one of these threads any day.