Display Order for High Score Options

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I have multiple stats being recorded. I would like to set a “default” stat. Something everyone will see when they load the game. Without having to click on the “Mode:” dropdown and select the option.

I noticed it is in alphabetical order. Is this the only way?


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It doesn’t appear like there is an actual order to the dropdown list actually. I thought it was listed by order that they were added, but looking at my own games, it doesn’t seem like that is right. It could be the order that “Display on Leaderboards” was checked, but who knows.

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Thanks! I am holding out hope that there is a way. If not, oh well.

Yeah this seems like something that should not be too hard to implement for Kongregate. It only makes sense to be able to choose the default leaderboard stat and even the order of the stats.

Leaderboards are just as important as the game for some people. It is a shame I don’t have much controll over that part of the experience. (although I do have local leaderboards in the .swf)

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One time I added a new stat and it goes at top. After some time I added a new stat and it goes at bottom. Maybe from now the new stats will be at the bottom or is random