purchaseItemsRemote callback never gets called

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I managed to follow all these steps described in this documentation (http://developers.kongregate.com/docs/all/dynamic-item-orders-api) on how to do dynamic item orders up to the point where i can test everything and my server can handle the callback just fine. I can see the requests and handle it properly on my server.

The only problem is the client side, purchaseItems/purchaseItemsRemote should call a callback function which in my case never gets called ergo my client can’t do the refresh or gets notification that the transaction is completed.

Is there something wrong? During the test using my account, the price is 0 and i got to the checkout stage just fine and kongregate shows a window that the purchase is completed.

Here’s a simple code on what i do :

public function buyPackage(e){
// call kongregate buy

public function onPurchaseResult(result:Object){
p.dumpmc.print(“Purchase success:” + order_info);
// do update data n shit
GlobalLoader.loadURL(“log.php?msg=purchase success”,“GET”,null);


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is there any body out there?