How to get wmode=direct?

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I created a little flash game in haxe which use the starling framework. I would like to put it on kongregate but I cannot find a way to tell kongregate to add the wmode=direct to the game.

I see that this game is embedded with wmode=direct so I imagine it is possible:

Maybe some developer can help me there since searching the forum didn’t helped a lot (nor the FAQ, nor google, …).

Thank you.

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Interesting. I assume that either Kong has an automatic check (upload your game into preview mode and play it to see if they do) or you’ll have to contact them at

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According to the support it should be automatic.

My guess is that Kongregate search the SWF for some stage3d instruction to flag the game as using stage3d.

Since I added a small layer of security I thing the detection fails for my game.

I will check this and keep this thread updated with my findings…