Is There Any Way To Get Game Information

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I’m making an app for badges and information

We have this api key to get user_info:

Is there a way to get game information?
Put the game badge #ID, then return a json to show…
Example: Legacy of Heroes
- Game image:
- Developer name: 5thPlanetGames

If no json is provided…. Any way to get that?
um….. Need your help


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I don’t believe so. You can use the full badges json and get information regarding games with badges, but that only includes the badge name, date badge was created, game name, game url, badge icon url, and number of people who have the badge.

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Thanks. I hope Kongregate can provide a way to get the Game information, just like user_info.json
At least we can get the game image and developer name :)

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Just to clarify you can’t get the game image, you can get the badge image. I don’t recommend content scraping if you plan to do that.

You can suggest that feature if you want. Just send an email in. (