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So for this function

content: “Come help defeat the boss!”,
image_uri: “http://your-domain.tld/feed-post-images/really-hard-boss-face.png”,
kv_params: { kv_doug: “Top doug!” }

would I access the parameter in a file by using [‘kv_doug’] or [‘doug’] from $_REQUEST?

thank you in advance for the reply

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That is a client function so you do not have access to that from $_REQUEST. kv_varname just lets you pass in variables from your iframe into the game.

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Does it not put the kv_parameters into the url when a user clicks on the feed box after being posted?

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Yep it does, but that URL won’t get touched by your server unless you pass it to it (or check the referring url I guess?)

That link takes them to the game page, where your game will have to contact your servers with that info.