Avatar crossdomain.xml only allows for internal.kongregate.com

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why does the crossdomain on the image cdn of kongregate only allow the above url? I embed my Flash game via iframe and now it is unable to load the avatars from here because the swf is hosted on my server.


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You can pull the avatars from api.kongregate.com instead of cdn1/2/3/x. You’ll have to write your own code to replace the subdomains unfortunately.

Furthermore, if you are using a flash app and don’t mess with the image data directly (try to get colors, copy pixels, whatever) it doesn’t matter about the crossdomain. You can load them just fine from anywhere.

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Wow fast reply, thanks!

I am not so sure about loading without crossdomain. I know the workaround via URLLoader but that should work with data manipulation as well. Anyway replacing subdomain works quite well :)