The latest update of my game isn't showing on some machines

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Hi guys,
My game uses two swfs and usually they work just fine when I’m updating the swfs. But I just found out that sometimes on other people machine (my collaborator) the updated swfs doesn’t show up and he still getting the old swf.

I checked everything, including the URL for the swf that the Kong sent, I’ve cleared the browser cache many times but nothing works. His still gets the old version of my game while on my machine I already playing with a new swf.

Is this a common issue? How do I make sure that everytime i update my swfs, users will always get the new version


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I assume you do a URL request to get your game swf from your container/loader swf?

If so, you can just append a random value to the end of the URL which will force the container/loader swf to grab the most recent version of the file.

It would look like url = game_url + "?r=" + int(Math.random()*100000);

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yeah, i thought about it but then it’ll make each time the user load the game fully again with no automatic caching from the server. But I don’t think that’s the problem though since it works on some machine and not on others. That’s what baffles me.

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Maybe just have a keypress toggle the random generation to kill the cache. Or every nth load ping the server to see if a new version exists.