[Unity] Kongregate API stats ?

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Hi all,

just a quick question. How do i check that my Kongregate API stats are submitted correctly?

Since i was expecting a 50% on my last game and i’m seeing 40%, i guess i did something wrong there.

I’m almost finished with my new game and i want to be sure that this feature is working correctly. Is there a way to see if the stats submission is working, like, “show stats for this game”?


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Does a highscore panel show up in the chat pane? If so, you should be getting that 10%. If not, maybe make sure the API is working and submit a couple more stats.

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it doesn’t appear, but at least now i know how to check, thanks :D

i’ll try and see, any chance you know how many stats needs to be submitted for that highscore panel to appear?

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I tell everyone like 50 or 75. It is one of those numbers I think. Some admin mentioned it once but I’ve forgotten.

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awesome, thanks :)