Still can't get how to integrate stats API(Unity)

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I’m pretty sure I call this line when players finish game:

Application.ExternalCall(“kongregate.stats.submit”, “HighScore”, score);

And my game has a statistic named “HighScore”. According my own leaderboard, my game has been played 400+ times. But I still don’t get the extra 10% and there is no leadeboard on chat panel.

How could I find out what’s wrong?

If it helps, my game is .

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It may be a clue: when I submitted scores, this error appeared in my browser console:

Uncaught TypeError: Object #<htmlobjectelement> has no method ‘invokeASMethod’ game_frame_javascripts.js:214
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Just spent a full day trying to fix this! Try adding; call after the api has been loaded. It helped me fix the leaderboard for my game Unlimited Ammo.

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I have the same problem.