Accessing Stats and Time (AS2)

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Hey, two unrelated questions

1. Is there a way to access a users statistics from my program. Is there a kongregate.stats.get() in addition go kongregate.stats.submit() that I just can’t seem to find?

2. I want to get a universal time in my program. Using Date.getDate() or Date.getUTCDay() does not work because that can be modified if the user changes the date on their computer. Is there a way to use the kongregate api to get the kongregate date/time or any other workaround to this?

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There is no way to retrieve stats using either language (AS2 or AS3). The feature was pulled from the API a few years back.

There is no way to get the current time or date in a secure manner like you say because once the client has it they can change it easily. Don’t trust the client. So the Date class will be fine usually.

If you want to get around basic ‘cheating’ by not using system time you can write your own code to pull the date/time from For reference you can look at this AS3 NetTime class written by skyboy that does exactly that.

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Pity. That’s what I figured. Ah well.

Thanks for your help and quick response! You’ve saved me valuable time!