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Why can’t .exe files be uploaded? I made several awesome games that I wanted to post on Kongregate, but I can not find a way to convert the files. I read in the FAQs that .exe files, like in Game Maker. I use GameMaker:Studio, and it uses .exe files. I want .exe files to be accepted here on Kongregate. I want a reason why they don’t work, if Kongregate doesn’t accept them. If you want .exe files to be accepted on Kongregate, please comment.

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This question has been asked a few times already. Kongregate provides support for web-playable formats, which doesn’t include exe yet (maybe native client?). In order to upload a game on Kongregate you need to use one of these formats. Supported files/software that I am aware of are: Flash, Unity, Java, HTML5, and Silverlight.

I do not believe there will be any plans to change this in the near future. The biggest hope for games written in C/C++ is the Native API (which is not the same as Native Client as mentioned earlier in this post), which is reserved for high quality desktop games.