How to save player's progression

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Hi all,

We are preparing with Unity a puzzle game, with several levels to unlock one by one (mode structure very similar to Angry Birds)

We want to know how to save player progression? We don’t want the player to restart from level 1 each time he logs in. Instead, he can see which level he completed (with how many stars he collected) and which levels are still locked.

Does Kongregate save this information into the player info? Or is it saved locally only?

Ideally, we want to access this info to see how many levels players complete and with which score. So should we save it on a separate Web database?

thanks for your help!

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You can save locally or on your own web server. Kongregate does not provide a way to store saved games, unless you manage to do something with the Shared Content API (that happens to be AS3 only, so it won’t work in your case)