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I am using QuickKong I am Submiting a stat named “HighScore” in my game and i have added Statistic with a type of max which also named “HighScore” but i dont see High Scores board. My game is still under judgement.Am I doing something wrong or do i have to do something else too?

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Did you check “Display in Leaderboards” for the stat?

Also, sometimes its a bit funky and decides not to show up until a few stats are submitted. Other devs experience the same issue here, here, and here.

So make sure you are submitting stats a lot and that you’ve got the settings on the stats in the game’s online ‘profile’ (where you add them on the web page) correct and it should work when you publish the game. For QuickKong, make sure you see local traces of your statistics too.

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I have checked display in leaderboards and i know it’s not the method i am using my code, guess i need to wait until few stats are submitted. Thank you.