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I’m a UK-based developer, I’m just about to finish my latest game and have been looking forward to uploading to Kongregate and getting involved. I’m now on a bit of a downer after reading the International Tax FAQ though.

It sounds like I’d lose another 30% of any revenue share unless I fill out a W-8BEN form – no problem. But (if I’m understanding correctly) this also involves getting a social security number from the IRS, which involves giving lots of my personal information to the US government, possibly having to make expensive international phonecalls to their offices and even sounds like I might have to send them important documents such as my passport.

Am I misunderstanding? Because that basically all sounds horrible. I’m self-employed and expect to have to pay taxes in my own country of course but the thought of having to become involved with US gov departments makes me want to run a mile.

I’m just looking for clarification on this please, I’m not going to moan at Kongregate about it – it is what it is I suppose.


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If it gives this thread a boost then I too would like know more about this. As a potential Kongregate UK developer it would be great to hear of anyone who has gone through the process.

I am not others expecting my first game to make much but it would be good to weigh up the cost of getting everything in order against the 30% that is held back.

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yeah, im looking at this now.. they say fill in the form.. yeah ok ive got the pdf.. but where do I send it.. how is the w8 ben related to the tax number..
ive got a uk tax number.. and I can fill out the form fine.. but where do I send it?

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I had to send my Passport and application for a tax ID to the US Embassy in London. My first attempt was rejected because I didn’t have a valid passport at the time. It was a lot of hassle and took me a few months.

But, it’s totally worth it. A lot of other services (like Steam) also require that you have a US tax ID, so it’s good to get this out of the way if you plan on doing business with American companies in the future.

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Is there a guide to doing this? The pdf supplied by Kongregate is an official doc which is hard to understand for non US residents. More help is needed for developers to sort this out.

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I’m so confuddled.. If you live outside the U.S you don’t qualify for a SSN. Sooo from what I understand you need to fill in a W-7 (Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). Which requires you to send your passport overseas. Or a copy of which, must be certified by Her Majesty’s passport office (yeah, cause there easy to deal with). You get your tax ID, then you can fill in the W-8?? Right? Right? It’s a serious hassle but I get it. It needs to be done