testing kreds purchases in preview mode

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Preview – Publishing this game requires approval. Please email apps@kongregate.com and make sure to include your Kongregate username and the title of your game.

// Purchase 2 items with no metadata:
kongregate.mtx.purchaseItems([“sword”,“shield”], onPurchaseResult );

the code above should work in preview mode , or this will work only after an admin approuves my game and not for testing purposes?

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It should work in preview mode but you will be unable to publish your game without an administrator’s approval.

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It dosn’t :
The code:

kongregate.services.showShoutBox(“hello the shout box is working”);

works, it displays the dialog,

but, the code:


doesn’t display nothing.
Do you have a game that works? maybe i do something wrong…

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I’ve got it!!!
I edited a previous game from 2011 , and is not working but if i create a new one it works.